9 thoughts on “Lemur App Lets Electribe 2 Play 8-Bar Patterns

  1. The Es2 is so close to being great. I wish Korg would just implement a lot of the stuff people have done for them and make like an Es2 rev2 or something.

  2. Sorry, but this app does not cure the core problem:

    Long, “overlapping” notes, that reach from one bar over to the next, still get cut.

    And this is the main problem of bar limitation.

    1. It actually does – you can set the toggle point anywhere you want, not just at the end of the 4th or 8th bar

  3. Ok, I undestand right?
    half the tracks to pretend to have the 8 bars?
    what happend If the battery of the phone dies?
    if I connect the USB port I loose the MIDI PORTS isn’t it?
    these means that all notes are playing and only the volumen change so imagine the lack of polyphony with these method….

    I think It’s better to buy some iOS app sequencer like MODSTEP and use the Electribe like a sound source follwing external clock.

    I like these guys videos but these one is totally wrong and create more problems than the originals it try to fix.

    1. – not half the tracks, only tracks you want to play 8 bars
      – battery dies, so does the app – you go back to 4 bars
      – you can still use the MIDI jacks in the back
      – polyphony works great – try it out
      – the point is to use the phone as little as possible. sequencer also won’t let you modulate
      – it’s not for everyone, but it seems to work for some and that’s just fine
      – thanks for the compliments on the other stuff 😉

  4. Thanks for this loopop, really appreciate the work youve put in to the electribe, lot of potential htere with a midi app like this, genius idea.

  5. or….

    just use my old blue metal electribe and set a pattern to 8 bars.
    dear korg, please make a new electribe.

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