New MIDI Sequencer, Stochas, Features Unique Randomization Engine

Audio Vitamins has introduced Stochas, a new step sequencer for Mac & Windows that they say offers a unique randomization engine.

Designed to work either in mono or polyphonic modes, the engine will select from a set of user inputted notes and take into consideration a bias weighting set for each.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

With the ability to create polyrhythmic and polymeter patterns up to 64 steps in length, independently on each of the 4 layers, Stochas can create interesting ideas for your next musical project, be it a Phillip Glass style classical piece with varying rhythmical and metric sequences playing against each other, to a polymeric dance style project that has more life and rhythm than the standard 4/4 patterns.  Patterns can be chained and created so that little phrases can be triggered randomly during the playback sequence, this can also be used to prevent repetition of the same note if using Stochas to write a bass line or to keep the pattern evolving.

With the groove template editor, you have total control over the timing and feel of the playback in Stochas, these can also be saved and loaded into other sessions, allowing you to recreate the same feel from track to track easily. Midi input control means that you can use any hardware controller or another midi channel to control Stochas, allowing for live performance control of the polymeric lengths, transpositions, bias of maximum number of notes played.


  • Randomization engine works in both mono and poly-phonic modes
  • Groove templates with export and import function
  • Chord input
  • Predefined key and scales, including custom import
  • Note chains for phrase creation
  • up to 64 grid steps and 125 rows
  • Humanization control
  • Polyrhythmic and polymeteric control
  • 4 layers and 8 patterns
  • Midi input for live performance control

Pricing and Availability

Stochas is available now for $50 USD / 45 EUR. A demo version is also available.

If you’ve used Stochas, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

4 thoughts on “New MIDI Sequencer, Stochas, Features Unique Randomization Engine

  1. It’s a really nice concept, so I downloaded the demo version. Unfortunately it won’t work under Cubase 9 on macOS… Let’s see what their support will come up with. The manual and online help are a bit of a joke, that much is clear.

    1. Hi Jurgen

      Hopefully, I got to the bottom of the issue, it seemed that something went a little wrong with the compile of the mac VST. Can I ask have you redownloaded and tried again? Also apologies for the delay in responding, Audio Vitamins is just myself and working as a full-time sound tech, it sometimes takes me a couple of days to get around to dealing with all the support issues. Especially when there is a product launch.


  2. Features-wise, this looks great. It’s truly refreshing to see the way they’ve laid out the rhythm functions- with “TOTAL STEPS” and “STEPS PER MEASURE” they’ve finally handed over the goods. Also nice to see custom scales and probability.

    There are lots of ways that probability could be expanded to make for more controlled harmonic & rhythmic output, but that gets complicated.

    I agree the documentation is pretty minimal, but at least it is organized and clearly written. Hardly “a joke” IMHO.

    I’m gonna download the demo and take it for a spin.

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