TipTop Audio One Eurorack Sampler Hands-On Demo

This video, via once upon a synth, demonstrates how to use the TipTop Audio One Eurorack sampler module.

It overs the basic panel features, including the different CV and gate modes. Then it covers loading samples to the SD card, how to update the config file and how to load your own samples and process them with Audacity.

Finally, it shows how you can use the One as a VCO, by loading a single cycle waveform, and triggering longer samples.

Eurorack modules used:

• TipTop Audio One
• Korg SQ-1
• VSL VCF-74
• Intellijel uVCA II
• Intellijel 7u 84hp Case

4 thoughts on “TipTop Audio One Eurorack Sampler Hands-On Demo

    1. In the video comments someone mentions an early draft of the manual stating it requires a minimum length of 1024 samples per sample. I’m guessing it filled the gap causing the change in sound.

      If your DAW can show sequence duration in samples just loop til it reaches or exceeds 1024 on the timeline.

      One could also do some math. At 44.1k sample rate a 440Hz single cycle wave would need to loop 11 times to fill the space without an offset of the wave at the loop point. At 96k same wave would need to loop 5 times for a smooth loop point. Of course this assumes the module doesn’t create a gap between samples on playback.

      I like the cv control options and simple interface. Ooo, it can also playback DC so cv control could get pretty elaborate. Create the envelope/lfo/whatever to the grid in a sequence and you can have a tempo based modulation signal.

      Nifty module, great demo.

  1. Music thing modular radio music player now by tiptop?
    extremely boring and i prefer a sampler which realy can do sampling, not rompling!

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