Yamaha CS-80 Clone Sneak Preview (Deckard’s Dream)

Roman Filippov (Sputnik Modular) this a short video demo of his new Yamaha CS-80 clone, Deckard’s Dream:

Deckard’s Dream is a new 8-voice polyphonic DIY analog synth design, inspired by the classic Yamaha CS-80 and the sounds of Vangelis‘ score for Blade Runner.

Details are still to be announced at the project site.

15 thoughts on “Yamaha CS-80 Clone Sneak Preview (Deckard’s Dream)

      1. Except perhaps in this sense:

        “Hi Behringer. My new synth is broken. Can you please fix it?”

        Behringer: “Do it yourself.”

        1. Don’t be silly. Why on earth would they say ” do it yourself” ? Like an large scale manufacturer the first thing they’d ask would be “is it still covered by warranty” Yes ?

          Then fine we’ll either fix or replace it so long as the damage is not user related.

    1. Roman has a long reputation for re-creating (or shameless cloning, depending on who you ask) some of the most complex synth modules ever made. Take a look inside a Buchla MARF and a DM and compare. This dude is not Uli chasing trends. He doesn’t need to “market” anything. Now ATSS… that dude needs to market- as he just resells Roman’s “kits” as his own brand. I love how in 2017 everything is compared to Behringer, it’s no wonder so much modern music is flat bland and uninteresting

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