Novation Circuit Mono Station Hands-On demo

This video, via -CALC-, captures a quick hands-on demo of the new Novation Circuit Mono Station.

Here’s what -CALC- has to say about it:

A short test drive of the all new Circuit Mono Station….. It’s INCREDIBLE!

Two Oscillators ties to 2 mono sequencers independent pitch control in Paraphonic mode (they share the same filter and amp) True Analogue (yes that’s how I spell Analogue….) sound with 4 oscillator types, ring mod, noise and Sub Oscillator. Modulate-able PWM of course!

Heat up your tracks by processing external audio through the filter and distortions via audio input… turn up that heat by sequencing the filter, modulations and distortions. CV/Gate and additional Aux CV (- modulation matrix and mod sequence destination) for sequencing and controlling your external CV gear

Full MIDI sequencing with MIDI in/out and THRU :o)


10 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Mono Station Hands-On demo

  1. I love the way the circuit sequences, so I love the idea of replacing the keyboard with a sequencer. But two voices just ain’t enough! I struggle with circuit only having two synths….

    This does sound like a great synth,, I hope to see more along these lines…

  2. Wow. I love my Circuit, but when I saw this the other day I was indifferent. This first (?) video helps sell it. I may end up grabbing one of these to replace my Monologue.

  3. > IT’S A BEAST!

    maybe, but for what kind of music?? you can do only minimalistic stuff with it. listen to music from the charts. imagine to programme a masterpiece like katy perry´s “chained to the rhythm” with the circuit. not possible, of course. i´m sorry to say it, but to me it´s all toyish crap.

  4. Toy crap has it’s place and luckily there are tools to create all kinds of music. My choice for the performance of a genuine “masterpiece” like Chopin’s Nocturne would be a piano.

  5. Yeah you can’t compare over produced shit pop with a budget mono synth. It’s capable of some awesome sounds in the right hands but for me it’s another voice in my live set up that mayor may not be useful. I only say that because I have so many mono synths already I really don’t need another but I love it already !!!! Just got the monologue and I loveeeeeeee it !!!!!!! I’m more interested in the digitakt

  6. Glad I didn’t spring for a Monologue yet. I have a bass station 2 I am enamoured with still, I sold a circuit with the intention of buying one again at some point. I want a monotribe that is of sturdier construction…

  7. Sounds good, but I have the original Circuit and my biggest peeve is that you cannot turn off quantize when recording patterns live. Anyone know if this is the same on the Mono Station?

    1. Hey

      It will still quantise but to a finer resolution dependent on sync rate

      Also it has fractional gate lengths so the end of the note does not have to equal 1 step

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