Moog Drummer From Another Mother (Sneak Preview)

Moog Music today shared this sneak preview of the Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) Eurorack drum synthesizer.

The DFAM is a limited-edition module, created for Engineer VIP attendees at Moogfest 2017. Engineer VIP attendees get to attend several DIY sessions, taught by Moog engineers, and build a new synthesizer. 

It’s unusual for Moog to preview the Engineer VIP projects ahead of time. Past projects, including the Moog Werkstatt and the Brother From Another Mother (BFAM) synth module were not announced ahead of the event.

Information on the Moogfest Engineer VIP program is available at the Moog Music site.

24 thoughts on “Moog Drummer From Another Mother (Sneak Preview)

    1. The Engineer VIP Moogfest passes are $1,500.

      Regular tickets are $250 and VIP tickets are $500.

      Moog has not announced any plans to make this available outside of Moogfest.

      1. The Minitaur is $499 and the Mother-32 is priced at $599. There’s nothing unreasonable about those prices from a small American company.

      2. @southpole:

        you see, this is one of the really bad things that happened with the Behringer Synth releases so far:

        nonsense MEMEs like “Moog factor” appear

        We should be glad, that there are still synths with such a great trademark sound like MOOG.

        i’m happy to pay a higher price but get quality assembled by a great collective of co-owners.

        “no, but every synth now has to be under 100 USD, because Behringer also can do it so cheap. – nag nag nag ..:”

  1. i think that patch bay is gonna be awesome, 24 points mixed with a Mother or two will be quite nice. Plus that sound, god damn its good.

  2. Looks interesting – but you’d think that Moog would record direct audio for this, when they’re trying to convince you to drop $1,500.

    It looks like the VIP tickets aren’t selling fast enough so somebody decided to rush out a teaser video.

    The smart move would have been to introduce this as a standard product at Superbooth. I think they’d have another success like the Mother 32 with it.

  3. I had an engineer pass but had to cancel. My daughter’s wedding is happening that weekend. Very bummed. I wish I could purchase the DFAM and BFAM, would happily do so 🙁

  4. i know they started offering Werkstatt, don’t think BFAM is publicly available but i think they should make these available, this is very cool but most people won’t be able to go or buy this VIP pass. but aside from M32 Moog has an elitist vibe so it’s consistent.

    1. “aside from M32 Moog has an elitist vibe”

      Except Animoog is cheap and powerful and Model 15 is too, and the Sub 37 and the rest of the Phatty line offers a ton of bang for the buck.

  5. $1500 is really cheap for what you get. Lot’s of capacitors, resistors and transistors. Good to see Moog entering the entry level market. Hope they soon will release a $20.000 Next generation Voyager

  6. Well, it doesn’t sound anything like an 808 or a 909, which automatically makes it stand out from any other drum machine in production.

    1. yes, i love to make drum sequences with my synths (HYPERSYNTH XENOPHONE !!!)
      and this MOOG drummer would be a perfect combination to it.


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