Advanced Synthesis With David Bessell

Synthesist David Bessell is probably best known to the electronic music world for his role in the synth supergroup Node, alongside Flood, Ed Buller and Mel Wesson.

But Bessell also holds a Phd in classical composition, and teaches and does research at Plymouth University in the UK.

He’s started a new series of videos that explore intermediate to advanced synthesist topics. In the first video, above, he demonstrates a cymbal patch on a Mos-Lab MU-format modular synthesizer and shows it can be used to create a variety of sounds. 

In his second video, he discusses a patch used to create wood block type sounds:

In his third video, he takes a look at snare synthesis:

You can find out more about Bessell and his music at the DiN Records site.

4 thoughts on “Advanced Synthesis With David Bessell

  1. Cheers, thanks for these demos! The noise gate makes it hard to hear some of the very brief examples, surely it itsn’t needed on the output of the synthesizer?

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