PandaMidi Future Impact Bass Synthesizer

At Superbooth 17, PandaMidi was demoing its Future Impact Bass Guitar Synthesizer.

The Future Impact is a pitch-tracking bass synthesizer pedal. We got an overview and demonstration from creator András Szalay, above.

Szalay designed the classic AKAI Deep Impact pedal, a classic bass synth effect that offered 9 bass synth presets. With the Future Impact, Szalay has created a much more advanced pedal. It offers 99 patch memory locations and has a computer-based patch editor so that you can create custom patches and save them to the pedal.

In addition to its capabilities as a pitch-tracking synth, the Future Impact can also be used as a MIDI module.

Here’s a demo that explores the range of sounds of the Future Impact:


  • High performance DSP
  • All algorithms calculated with 32 bit accuracy
  • 24 bit AD/DA converters
  • Oscillators generated at 512 kHz oversampling
  • Distortion calculated at 128 kHz oversampling
  • 99 programs in 10 banks
  • First 9 programs Deep Impact compatible
  • Sounds can be designed and archived with a PC Editor software
  • Major sound parameters can be changed easily on the device itself
  • Free sound libraries will be published
  • Software can be updated through MIDI
  • Software update is free
  • Bass guitar sound or synthesizer sounds can be routed separately to effect
  • Chorus, Flanger, Slapback, Reverb, Overdrive and 4 band parametric Equalizer effects

Pricing and Availability

The PandaMidi Future Impact is available now for 314.96 EUR (excl. VAT),

5 thoughts on “PandaMidi Future Impact Bass Synthesizer

  1. “Oscillators generated at 512 kHz oversampling
    Distortion calculated at 128 kHz oversampling”

    This (and even higher rates) are what we should be seeing in all DSP nowadays. Let our audio alias no more!

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