Shared System Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Joe Miller, captures a live studio Shared System performance, using a patch created for the Charlotte Synth Meet.

The Shared System is a pre-built modular synthesizer that features a collection of modules selected by Make Noise founder Tony Rolando.

Here’s what Miller has to say about the technical details:

The patch really focuses on both the DPO and Erbverb. Maths Ch4 clocks Tempi via EOC, which drives Brains/PressurePoints to play the melodic line from DPO VCOA. VCOB provides the gritty ostinato which becomes rhythmic pulses from Maths Sum.

Wogglebug and Rene add modulation to the patch for tone shaping to various parameters, and then the rest is played by hand. Erbverb is set to be “played” as a controlled feedback source (happens at beginning and ending). All of it passes through an Eventide Space for some final shine and long tails.

At times, especially at the end, the Erbverb feedback is played in a way that sounds nearly identical to bowed cymbals.

7 thoughts on “Shared System Performance

  1. Check out the girl playing the cheapo Yamaha stuff a couple of posts down. Blows this away. I have yet to hear any great music from a MakeNoise system. I’m sure its out there, but I have yet to hear any.

    1. Eh… she was getting some okay sounds but her music bored me and I turned it off after two minutes. I really enjoyed this one.

      Different people like different things 😛

    2. Yeah I had to turn that Yamaha vid off half way through, it was getting very annoying to myself , and giving my wife a headache lol.

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