Twenty+ Years Of Novation Synthesizers

At Superbooth 17, Novation’s booth featured huge illustrations highlighting the history of the synthesizers, and displays¬†with a variety of their synths from the last two decades.

We talked with veteran Novation Hardware Engineer Nick Bookman, who gave us a quick tour and told us a little about the technology that made each synth unique.


6 thoughts on “Twenty+ Years Of Novation Synthesizers

  1. Hah! Makes me want to get out my old QY-22! I like the reference to the OSCAR and the WASPS in the artwork.

    I really hope to see a kind of mega circuit soon. Launch pad meets circuit, because really the circuit is a fantastic sequencer, but it only holds 8 bars/patterns per instrument per session, I’d like to see that doubled to really give room for a song to grow.

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