GRP Synthesizer R24 Sequencer Hands-On Demo

Synthesist John L Rice shared this unofficial video demo for the GRP Synthesizer R24 Sequencer – a CV/Gate + MIDI sequencer that’s designed for 5U, rackmount and desktop use:

The demo isn’t an overview, but instead an exploration of the main sequencing options of the R24.

The Grp R24 is a 8×3 analog step sequencer based on the step sequencer in Grp A8 and A4 Analog Synthesizers. The R24 offers CV/Gate, MIDI and USB connections.

Hardware-wise, the R24 is stand-alone & self-powered, with hardware compatibility for mount on 5U module format. You can use it stand-alone with its internal power, or you can install in Modular style 5U systems.

R24 has 64 internal memories to store and retrieve sequences. Each sequence can be set in 8×2, 16+8 or 24 mode, with any step length user-selectable.

R24 can act as CV/Gate sequencer or as MIDI sequencer, with separate rows for MIDI Note selection and for Key Velocity step adjust.

Pricing and Availability

The GRP Synthesizer R24 Sequencer is available now for € 1434 + VAT.

3 thoughts on “GRP Synthesizer R24 Sequencer Hands-On Demo

  1. Wow.

    Just when you think you have all the sequencers you could ever need they have to pull this….

    I have a feeling you could stare at the lights all night.

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