Robert Miles Dead At 47

DJ Mag Italia reports that DJ & producer Robert Miles (Roberto Concina) – best known for his progressive trance mega-hit Children, has died at the age of 47.

Concina (3 November 1969 – 9 May 2017) died in Ibiza, Spain, on 9 May 2017 of an unspecified illness.

Miles’ Children, from his album Dreamland, was an inescapable part of the electronic music scene in 1996, going on to sell over 5 million copies. 

Robert Miles’ Children:

Children [Dream Version]:

12 thoughts on “Robert Miles Dead At 47

  1. Another great artist gone. I remember when Children was first released… to say it was a huge hit is almost an understatement. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it, and that’s something to be said in the mid-90s before electronic really started to take off. Although I could never get into his music, I think thats what was most impressive for me about Robert Miles. Whether you liked his music or not, you had to admire the impact he had on so many people as a producer. Respect.

  2. I loved both the tracks “Children” and “Fable” from the “Dreamland” CD when it came out. The rest of the CD didn’t connect with me so I didn’t follow any of his next releases but those two tracks are still on one of my playlists. Had no idea he was so young.

  3. man , i grew up on his music and this is devastating. Unbelievable, so young and so talented. life is just not FAIR. With one hand, it giveth, with other it taketh. I feel for the guy and as I listen to his tune again, i salute him too as one of the greatest trance tunes along with ATB of the 90’s. Well done and RIP!

  4. There is incredible poetry in the words, “Robert Miles died in Ibiza.” What an fantastic artist. Thank you for the music.

  5. Except for them well known hits, few people knew he did other stuff too. I remember a friend who raved about this cd he got with really great techno – little did I know it was live mixed by Robert M . That was such a surprise back then (also to find great techno stuff outside of vinyl) that it changed my view of him as just another pop act. Rest In Peace Honorable!

    1. he made a great Sample CD too back in the day. If you can track it down its well worth it. A big shame. I hope “unspecified” illness becomes “specified” too. At least for the families sake.

  6. It’s a shame his work after Children doesn’t seem to be more widely known. I never got into his “dream” trance stuff but absolutely loved Organik and his collaboration with percussionist Trilok Gurtu (Miles-Gurtu). Both those albums had tremendous vision. They were the kind of work that stood out from everything else I was hearing at the time and really helped define some personal life chapters. So sorry to hear about his passing. I’ll have to go pull out the Organik samples he released and do something creative with them.

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