Free Synth For Mac & Windows – Spiral Generator

Spiral Generator is a free software synth for Mac & Windows that is based on a ‘fractal spiral’ algorithm. 


  • Generates a fractal spiral that is infinitely zoomable by modulating the “Morph” parameter.
  • All parameters automatable.
  • Creates ‘mean vocal basses’.
  • Infinitely rotatable by modulating the “RotY” and “RotX” parameters.
  • Use the “ZAmount” parameter to engage chaotic feedback, great for sound design and fx.
  • 6 assignable LFOs
  • 5 Velocity-sensitive ADSRs (hard-wired for now)
  • Selectable oversampling from 1x to 8x (I could increase that range if needed)
  • Soft-clipper at the output will saturate the signal as you increase the output gain.

Spiral Generator is available now as a free download.

22 thoughts on “Free Synth For Mac & Windows – Spiral Generator

  1. Wow, great spinning rising mechanical sounds! Love it and the price is right. Lol: “no gas used to make spirals”. Thanks to the developers!

  2. the VST and component do not get detected by any of my DAWs in OSX Sierra. Tried Logic Pro, Studio One and Bitwig.

    1. I got it working in Logic. The VST file is actually a folder containing another VST, as well as an AU component file. Move that component file to /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components and you should be able to use it.

  3. Sounds amazing! It is very …um… synthetic, but I’m hearing things I’ve not heard before with a digital synth. Refreshing new complexity — but not overly harsh.

    Will definitely give this a try. Might be a nice thing to see for iOS.

  4. I don’t mind dropping my email address for something like this, but I do draw the line at my real address. Too bad. I thought it was a very interesting thing.

    1. No need to give any address for this! Under the “Add to Cart” button and “click the hearts to subscribe!” there are download buttons for OSX and Windows that just get the file.

      A pretty neat freebie! Great to see VST devs thinking way outside the box.

  5. I added the vst, component, and presets manually to my vst, component, and preset file directories for Ableton Live on my Mac (/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins). Maybe that is why it worked for me.

    1. me too. I put the folder SpiralGenerator->Presets in /Library/Audio/Presets and the component and VST in their usual /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST respectively. No luck for me.

      1. I put the .component file into /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components and Logic (current version) recognized it immediately. Running Sierra. I’m not sure if there’s a place I’m supposed to put the “Presets” folder, but by hitting “Load” on the plug-in window and navigating to my downloads folder I’m able to load in any of the xml files.

        I haven’t figured out how to make it display the graphical spirals however….

        1. omg! I decided to try again and deleted the old plugins and re-downloaded and re-copied them into the same places and now it works!! How can that be? Anyways, glad to have it working now!

  6. I like what I hear, but I wonder: can you output the images or pipe them into another software? Could be used for veejaying…

  7. i downloaded this and installed in cubase 8 ,and the spirals fail to show the synth is working but no spiral display at all,,,,such a shame seems others are having problems to,
    hope they can fix this as it does not do as they state yet…

  8. The blurb says that this app “Pairs perfectly with PrettyScope” (which is their waveform display app ($20). They were using that in their demo vid.

    It’s a bit of a bait & switch, BUT, I don’t really care about the wave form display. I’d just be interested in the synth functions anyway.

    Here’s the link.

  9. The synth part of this deal (regardless of the waveform display) is pretty nuts. The Morph, Z functions, Density, Sharp, BrightDST are all great madness under MIDI control. Hot stuff!

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