How To Make A DIY V-Trigger To S-Trigger Cable

This video, via Markus Fuller, takes a look at how to create a DIY V-Trigger to S-Trigger cable.

Most modern synths use V-Trig ‘gates’ of +5 volts.┬áS-Trigger signals are used on some older synths (Moog, Korg), so making a V-Trig to S-Trig cable lets you control them with modern sequencers and modular synth gear.

You can find out more about V-Trigger and S-Trigger signals at the site.

6 thoughts on “How To Make A DIY V-Trigger To S-Trigger Cable

  1. Used 1/4″ male and female for my Source adapter. Super useful for older analogs. Thanks for showing the soldering as well as schematic!

  2. One little word of caution is that some of those 1/8 cables have the same wire as earbuds which is that lacquered wire– which is difficult to solder. It’s nice when you can find a version that is regular insulated copper.

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