Arturia V Collection 5.3 Intros Sound Store, Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk Inspired Sound Libraries

Arturia has released V Collection 5.3, a free update to their virtual instrument collection that introduces a new Sound Store, updated virtual instruments, faster performance and more.

Here’s what’s new in V Collection 5.3:

  • Sound Store – Accessible directly from each instrument, the Sound Store gives users a new way of adding preset sounds to their collection. The packs available through the Sound Store contain presets that users can explore, demo, and purchase, without leaving the application. Release titles include:
    • Kraft Tribute: an homage to the German electronic pioneers.
    • Sasha’s Signature: a collection of hot sounds from the venerable UK DJ.
    • Deep Ambient: dark, immersive pads and creepy, cinematic textures.
    • Tangerine Tribute: a psychedelic electronic adventure in sound.
  • Revamped ASC – The Arturia Software Center – the intelligent hub that manages Arturia instrument licenses and installation – has been streamlined and simplified. Users can now simply install or update their software collections with one click.
  • Faster browsing – Each instrument’s preset browser now automatically detects the presence of any Arturia controller keyboard, and intelligently assigns some functions of the controller to preset navigation.

Sound Store Video Demo:

Arturia Software Center Update:

Sound Pack Demos:

Pricing and Availability

V Collection 5 is available for US $499. Version 5.3 is a free upgrade for current owners of V Collection 5.

10 thoughts on “Arturia V Collection 5.3 Intros Sound Store, Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk Inspired Sound Libraries

  1. I’m excited to update my V collection for free. But to me, that Kraftwerk patch set demo sounds like well-played Kraftwek covers using any ol’ synth.

  2. The kraftwerk patches are well done, very intricate. If you have Analog Lab2, 12 of the patches are already there (free), the rest of them are paid.

  3. Periodically, Arturia will release updates to the V Collection. Mostly Bug fixes and they are free. I have been pleased with these updates. I also use V Collection a lot in my tracks. One of the nicest updates a while back was the resize of some of the windows like the Jupiter 8V. The GUI is huge. I can finally see all of the sliders and knobs.

  4. I have V Collection 5.3 and frankly it looks good but it is my opinion that like it’s predecessors most of the presets are disappointing, sound way out of tune to the point where they can’t be used alongside other VST instruments and frankly I feel like I wasted my time and money. I’m not a sound designer. I’m a preset user. I start with a preset and then modify it, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot but this suite leaves a sour taste in the mouth and if you haven’t already purchased it I reckon you would be better off looking elsewhere. I think it’s so bad that it’s put me off buying any of their hardware although I have read rave reviews about some of their synths. Plus this version introduces in app purchasing of presets. Plus, they only let you trial a handful of presets from the new in app preset packs so you have to buy them half blinded and take a big gamble. Yes, they are not expensive but still if they want $8 or whatever for 20 or 30 presets I want to hear what they all sound like not just a handful they have selected. Maybe its great for sound designers but I have noticed on some of the presets that when I try to adjust certain things absolutely nothing happens to the sound. Who are they kidding? Even their own Youtube reviews are about 2 minutes long. If they were so remarkable they ought to make more remarks.

  5. I prefer to have my DAW + VST’s running on a platform and operating system (Windows) that is optimised for audio. ie. Offline most of the time and minimal networking when necessary.

    I don’t like apps that need to go online for validation or in-app purchases etc.
    They add overhead to the operating system and CPU.

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