Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Cover)

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Miguel Fernandes (aka starshipfive) shared his cover of the Eurythmics synth pop classic, Sweet Dreams.

Fernandes created an original arrangement, noting that “It’s not like the original, neither is intented to be.

Technical Details:

Sequenced parts done in Cubase 5, then Audio mix down to Roland SP-404.

Vocoder – Roland V-Synth XT trigged via midi by Korg Trinity V3
Initial Pad – Yamaha QS300
Synth Strings and Synth Voice 2 – Yamaha AN1x
Synth Voice 1 – Roland XP -60 with S

4 thoughts on “Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Cover)

  1. Beautifully fat bass tone. Nice arrangement.

    I’ve always liked that song, but I’m just now realizing how kind of weak the lyrics are.

    This version is cool.

  2. This reminds me of the terrible covers played by the bands touring in small Spanish villages during the summer. Only fun after several iterations of Gin and Tonic.

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