Making Psytrance With Infected Mushroom

This video, via SOS, offers a behind-the-scenes look at producing psytrance with Infected Mushroom.

Infected Mushroom (duo Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani) demonstrate how they use tons of tracks, lots of hardware and software effects, to create literally hundreds of options to work with, and then edit it down to a track. 

Video Summary:

Described as the Godfathers of psychedelic trance, Infected Mushroom have built a vast international audience over the last 20 years with a sound that fuses metal, folk and electronic genres. We head to LA to catch up with Erez and Duvdev, the performer/producers behind Infected Mushroom and plug-in company Polyverse.

Here, they show us some of the tools and techniques used to create the constantly morphing track ‘Flamingo’, from their 2017 album Return To The Sauce.

4 thoughts on “Making Psytrance With Infected Mushroom

  1. This was really awesome, I love watching any video where they go into studio. Lately I always notice erez keeps that nord on his desk. I wonder what he likes about it and uses it for. The time stretch utility could definetly save me some time. Sometimes I want to make the listener think they are listening to a loop that’s been slowed down but at a faster tempo… This involves alot of time stretching my original loop or rendered sequence… maybe I need that utility “smear”

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