KORG Gadget Le for Mac Available As A Free Download

KORG has released an update to Gadget for Mac, and has introduced a free intro version, Gadget Le.

Gadget is a multi-platform virtual studio, available for iOS and Mac OS X.

Gadget for Mac has been updated with the Milpitas gadget, which lets you use the sounds of iWavestation.

Here are the details:

KORG Gadget for Mac Version 1.1.0 New Features:

  • Milpitas gadget added.
  • Preview sound of gadgets added.
  • Improved the display behavior when switching tracks.
  • Improved the MIDI channel for Darwin by enabling Omni reception.
  • Various other adjustments to improve stability and ease of use have been done.

It’s a free update for Gadget owners.

KORG Gadget Le for Mac:

  • Features five standard gadgets and tracks.
  • Additional and extended functions are provided when connecting a KORG MIDI Controller.

Pricing and Availability

Korg Gadget is available for US $199. Gadget Le is available as a free download.

9 thoughts on “KORG Gadget Le for Mac Available As A Free Download

  1. I downloaded and tried (browsing patches) expecting something of a good quality, like Arturia Analog Lab Lite, but so far it’s super super poor. Or did I just had a bad day?

  2. Sadly, downloading this turned me away from buying it. I love Gadget on iOS and really wanted to buy it initially, but the interface feels awkward on desktop. Maybe if one of the Gadget VSTs was included, to get a feel for integration, but it seems to be missing something.

    Also Mac only, so might have to pay more for PC version down the line, since I use VSTs across computers.

    Will stick to exporting stems and Ableton files from iOS version.

  3. I’m in the minority in that I just bought it and I’m having fun and being inspired by it. It feels like a halfway house between Reason and Live in standalone mode, so a nice way to get ideas going quickly in a block-based kind of way.

    But I’ll mostly be using the AUs in Logic and I think that’s pretty good value for money, too: thirty instruments for around a fiver each. They’re all very quick, very tweakable and have cute UIs that make me smile, unlike a lot of GUIs that are squint-inducing GRIMDARK NIGHTMARES.

    So, in conclusion, nyah!

    1. No, it was introduced at an offer of $199 with the full (ridiculous) price at $299. Even at 199 its not worth it to me as an iOS Gadget owner,

  4. I have it on ios. Loved it there. Now tried the Mac Le version. When i programmed a 2 bar clip and then wanted to make it 4 bars i couldn`t duplicate the content of the first 2 bars in order to have it playing 4 bars. It stays half empty. Also i find weird when using it. As if it is not really adapted to a “real” computer. Also i don`t like that i have to switch between modes when i try to adjust velocity on individual notes you can`t (as far as i understand) adjust velocity while seeing the notes. you have to do it in a window that only shows the velocity lines. Small details like that made only clearer how good Live is. Another negative thing is that if i want to “recall last action” with “cmd Z” it does not go back. So if you erase something by mistake ,,,,, it`s gone. No recalling. Overall opinion is that i will not buy it for 200 euros. Not for 150 either. At least not the way it works-looks in it`s current state. Maybe for 100 if i am in the right mood. Much to expensive. Oh and 300 is completely absurd. To be honest i lost my appetite for using it on the mac. Something is missing in the concept. I can`t explain it but it feels not ready. On an ipad it is real fun though. Will continue using it there with Live set export.

  5. I tried it on mac and as an ideas jotpad, its great. I can’t really see myself going into production with it though. I think I trust the synths for quality, but I haven’t yet brought them to DAW to explore integration with existing projects. I’ll keep the workflow I have with Gadget for iOS only. Its perfect there for what it is. I’m confused about the age group and experience level they seem to have gone for. The price is wrong.

  6. I waited for months in anticipation of this. Seriously, this was going to be a must-have purchase, because I thoroughly enjoy the IOS app. If the Mac version had been $99, I probably would have snapped it up without a second thought, but the higher price made me stop and think about it a lot more. With that extra time to think, I decided I didn’t want it THAT much. I also realized that everything I enjoy about how it works on IOS might not be as enjoyable on a Mac; I just interact differently with both devices.

    I love Korg’s hardware and software, and I think they do most things right. I’m definitely their target audience, but I’m not buying.

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