Novation Circuit Gets iPad Patch Editor (Unofficial)

Developer Lee Huddleston has introduced MIDISynth Circuit, a new iPad app that provides full editing control for the two synth engines on the Novation Circuit

Patches can be retrieved and uploaded to the Circuit using the editor and transferred to a computer for archiving. Using this mechanism it is also possible to upload patch sets available from Novation Components.

Full control of the session sections of the synth are provided and presets can be saved and recalled (due to technical limitations, no interaction for Novation Components is available for session settings).

Additional functionality is available in the form of in app purchases for random generation/tweaking of patches, morphing between patches, 4 XY user-definable XY controls and 16 user-definable controls.

The 4 XY controls, 16 custom controls and the macro controls are brought together on the performance screen for easy control of your favorite parameters whilst performing.

Pricing and Availability

MIDISynth Circuit is available now for US $14.99.

Note: This app requires a Novation Circuit to operate – it goes not generate any sound itself. This app requires a USB connection to Circuit in order to operate correctly. This is an independent product and there is no link or affiliation with Novation Music.

10 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Gets iPad Patch Editor (Unofficial)

  1. Shame they have gone for the additional in app purchases to get the full functionality – comes out double the cost…..

    Fortunately the reason I love circuit is to get away from my iPad (use outdoors in bright sunlight) so I will pass, editing on the PC if nessesery, but I guess it’s an option some may use, and the touchscreen controls may be useful Live.

  2. For $10 usd I’d buy it. Even $15. But any more than that forget it. It’s a choice between a few sales and a lot of sales…

      1. Both.

        The one for Mac is visually cramped, and kind of a pain to use on my laptop.

        An Ipad version would be great for a more hands on approach.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s super that they continue to support and improve upon circuit, but the Mininova, could benefit from a little attention as well. They could maybe even push more units with an updated editor.

  3. A portable editor for my portable Circuit? Sounds pretty cool. Going to look a little crazy on the train with all this stuff out but I like the idea.

    Kind of surprised about the price but it’s probably worth it. The base price of the app is about 4.5% the cost of the Circuit itself (assuming $330 for the Circuit), and that’s without the performance and morphing stuff. Don’t know Novation’s sales numbers but I’d bet there are a ton of Circuits out there. Probably doesn’t have to be priced so high for the dev to get a return. Still really tempting for a nice looking editor. Oh well, there’s always Black Friday.

    Edit – Saw someone comment that the in-app purchases double the price. Almost 10% of the Circuit’s cost. Still tempting me though 🙂

  4. PS: Might be cool if the dev added some mod sources to the app itself. Maybe even a sequencer-type LFO or two with any destination from within the editor. Save the mod assignments as extra info at the end of a patch. Add in Link support or other connectivity and ability to send notes and bam – you could use the Circuit with other IOS apps or hardware as another instrument.

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