ROLI Intros Entry-Level Seaboard Block

ROLI today introduced the Seaboard Block, a new multitouch keyboard that brings the expressive capabilities of their Seaboard Grand and RISE controllers to their modular Blocks controller system.

The Blocks system offers several types of devices that can be connected together to create a custom controller. 

The Seaboard Block is a $299 wireless 24-keywave keyboard controller. You can connect several of them together to create a controller with larger range.

ROLI also introduced the $79.95 Touch Block, which connects to the Seaboard Block and lets you customize the responsiveness of the surface to the Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift dimensions of touch.

The Seaboard Block is available to preorder now and is expected to ship in late June. See the ROLI site for details.

34 thoughts on “ROLI Intros Entry-Level Seaboard Block

    1. It’s only 24 keys (most other 2-octave keyboards have 25 keys). This allows to chain 2 or more together but you don’t have the HIGH C.

      So – no Mariah Carey cover songs!

      1. I asked them directly. Currently, no. But they are hopeful a future firmware update will provide that functionality.

    1. Unless you have great dexterity I welcome the smaller keys. I would try to slide my fingers up and accidentally cross notes way to often when playing chords with two hands. This seems like a good redesign to that.

  1. Dang. Think they have a winner on their hands with this one, so long as it doesn’t suffer from the connectivity issues the Blocks stuff had at launch. Anyone know if that stuff has improved?

    1. I’d also like to know if the connectivity issues of the Blocks ecosystem has improved. I was pumped to get my set and returned them in less than a week because of how many problems they had. It was a huge disappointment and put me off Roli products for awhile. The Seaboard is supposed to be great but the Blocks experience left a bad taste.

  2. Looks great but it only works with ipad air and iphone 6 or newer. According to their system requirements . Fair enough..

    1. I believe you can get the Seaboard 5D app and it should work with that as well as it’s just a MIDI controller. Plug into your computer and it could work well with MPE enabled synths or at least monophonically with regular soft synths.

  3. Too bad there isn’t at least a wired option. So is it WiFi or fast BT? Color me old fashioned, but wire as a back-up seems essential.

    The demo track is slick. But my B.S. detectors are activated. Even though I’ve seen lots of positive reports about the Roli Seaboard, I think it is one of those things you have to be “predisposed” to.

      1. Connectivity / Ports
        USB-C port (MIDI out and power).
        Full MIDI compatibility over USB and Bluetooth LE.
        4 DNA connectors.

    1. I gotta say, this seems like a big obvious omission from where I’m sitting and I don’t even have all that much that can be controlled via CV/Gate. $300 is a great price for what it is and __dead cheap__ for what it could be in modularlandia. Wonder if they’ll come up with a little sideblock that could accommodate that use case. 5 outs = note, Y axis, velocity, pressure and gate. And perhaps a way to fix a scaled to the “white” notes.

  4. This looks amazing. Reasonable price point for the technology. I love the modularity and ability to interconnect and grow the system in numerous different configurations. Impressive engineering. I think I may finally jump aboard the Roli ship.

  5. I am rather disappointed with Roli, as a long time back, via email, they promised me AU/AB support, for what was the Rise/Noise app! Where is that Roli? I get tired of half hearted commitment to iOS. I sold my original Seaboard 25. Although, these things are great, when there’s good exploitation of the MPE Midi requirements. I found the Model 15 app to be ok, but nothing exploits MPE like Equator, and a modern MBPro or similar! Any iOS synths need integration with AUM, Audiobus etc. Or they are mere toys. These mobile keyboards need Equator and a laptop. When they could also be a great Bluetooth/iOS, ultra mobile, music making solution. Roli what do you think?

    1. Why are you disappointed ? Your wishes have been answered: The Seaboard Block comes with Equator Player – AUi plugin. 100 of new sounds as well.

      1. The request was for full iOS functionality with the Seaboard app. Since there was a promise of AU/AB connectivity. And those are essential in iOS. This has nothing to do with Blocks and the Equator program. This is about iOS!

    2. I am 100% right up there with everything you just said including selling my Seaboard 25. The limitations are annoying af.

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