Moog Drummer From Another Mother Also A Sick Bassline Synthesizer

Synthesist Mack Bartsch, aka spaceprodigi, shared this short demo of the Moog Drummer From Another Mother Eurorack module.

The Drummer From Another Mother (DFAM) is a limited-edition module, created for Engineer VIP attendees at Moogfest 2017. Bartsch and other Engineer VIP attendees had the opportunity to build the module at DIY sessions, taught by Moog engineer.

While the Moog DFAM is designed to be a drum synth, Bartsch demonstrates that’s not all it can do:

Bartsch notes, “It has some sick bass!”

32 thoughts on “Moog Drummer From Another Mother Also A Sick Bassline Synthesizer

  1. Well, to be frank – it’s not a very good drum synth when compared to proper ones like Pearl Syncussion, Nord Drum (2), Jomox M-brane etc. Not surprising that it makes good basslines since it’s more built like any subtractive synth rather than a drum voice.

  2. Brilliant. Would love to know more about this exclusive VIP synth that only a privileged few will ever own

    1. Firstly, Moog had nothing to do with this video other than it being about one of their synth designs. Secondly, there is a lot of speculation that this one may be released at some point. I heard this myself at Moogfest. No need for such animosity.

      1. How could Moog have nothing to do with the video if the thing is impossible to get a hold of?

        It’s a fair enough marketing strategy I suppose – hype it up as only being available to Very Important People (!) before releasing it at a silly price.

        Just saying, it’s in keeping with Moog’s terribly self-important way of going about things.

        Oh and well done sneaking in the fact that you were at Moogfest.

        1. the thing isn’t impossible to get a hold of if you went. Maybe instead of being so jealous and upset that Moog does this awesome workshop every year, try saving up so you can go next year.

          1. Or maybe Moog can put the thing into proper production alongside the Mother 32 at an affordable price point instead of making people pay an exorbitant amount of money to attend their exclusive event to get a hold of one. Don’t insult people by telling them to save up a ridiculous amount of money to attend some exclusive event just to get a hold of a drum machine that should be an affordable module for everyday musicians.

            It’d be one thing if Moog just came out and said that this will eventually be put into full production, but right now all they have been saying is that “They are considering it” which is a load of bull just so they can build up hype.

            1. It’s insulting to tell people to save the amount of money for a sub 37 to get this kind of experience? Jeez man sorry it’s not free for everyone.

            2. Michael

              Your comments come across as bitter and privileged. Is that really what you’re aiming for?

              If you want Moog to make this a production synth, you might consider saying that, instead of ripping them a new one.

              Moog has no obligation to do business the way you or anybody else wants them to, just as you have no obligation to buy their stuff. And they’ve managed to do really well over the last decade or so, doing things the way they want to.

              When it comes to the custom modules they’ve created for Moogfest, they’ve only turned one out of the five I’ve seen into a production module. That was the Werkstatt. So it seems like there’s a lot more to making the decision to put these into production than just ‘building up hype’.

              Designing a synth to be DIY’d in 8-hours, under the supervision of the engineer, is completely different than designing it so that it can be reliably manufactured at a competitive price.

              PS: I WOULD like to see them do more Euro modules. The Mother-32 is a must-have.

            3. Dude, Michael, why get all bitter about a business wanting to share what their staff get up to in the lab with people prepared to spend money to learn?

              You might’ve missed the point of Moog’s strategy here. These Moogfest exclusives are experiments first & foremost. So of course Moog aren’t saying they’ll mass produce the DFAM right now. There’s no harm in businesses testing the appeal vs cost of what they can design. In fact its a wise move to make.

              Yes the DFAM is a cool device, but just accept that you may never get to own one. It’s nothing personal, it’s a straight up fact. Be glad that leading synth companies are prepared to test new products publicly.

    2. Why is everyone getting upset about the “VIP” thing lol. It was pass they bought for Moogfest not like just giving the gear to random artists, which everyone does anyway for testing with NDAs.

  3. dear Moog, like the Mother 32 please start making stuff like this available to the public, please start diversifying your product line and make Eurorack modules and other interesting synths. keep doing the classic stuff but it’s time to step into the future, you already slay so slay even more! looks like there’s enough interest in DFAM, green light the mass release.

  4. Moog’s strategy is getting a little tired now with the “x festival exclusive’

    Considering the werkstatt / model d ….

    1: make people pay at limited festival to be a beta tester
    2: wait for your paid up beta testers to then promote and hype the item.
    3: fix bugs outlined by said paying beta testers.
    4: release final product under the “as we managed to secure parts / due to demand” blanket proviso.

    If this makes it to a product in the shops, pretty much confirms everything said.

  5. …not sure what’s wrong with that strategy. People are willing to have that exclusive experience. Hype allows us all to hear about stuff. Bug fixing is good no? Better to release products in demand than not and go under.

    1. Maybe he prefers just dumping new gear on the market, making everyone beta test it, while they pray the company does an update patch,

  6. Anyone willing to sell their Moog DFAM should hit me up – I am a buyer at $850 – [email protected] – If you want to sell, I will make the trip to meet you in person, wherever you are in the contiguous USA. It would be a pleasure to meet another enthusiast, maybe jam, share ideas, and create. Send me a msg and we’ll work out the details. BTW, I have 3 Mom32s I work with (love them), a nice sized eurorack and many more synths and production tools. Music is my hobby, I am not an industry pro, I do it cuz I love it, and I love the stuff Moog gives us to work with. I wanted to go to Moogfest this year but I just had my 3rd kid and couldn’t leave my wife for that long…now we can travel together as the baby is older. I’m in Texas…Hit me up!

  7. Someone on the M32 Facebook group said that they spoke to a Moog employee about the possibility of a DFAM public release. The employee said that “if they get enough interest, they would do a production run” and to post inquiries at

    I’ve already begged…you should too!

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