Synthesis Technology Quad Morphing VCO, Cloud Terrarium VCO Now Available To Order

Synthesis Technology’s Paul Schreiber has announced that his new E370 Quad Morphing VCO and E352 Cloud Terrarium VCO are now available to order via his site.

Both modules are advanced digital VCOs that feature technology from his earlier E340 Cloud Generator and the E350 Morphing Terrarium modules.

The E352 Cloud Terrarium VCO, above, is a Eurorack VCO module based on a 200MHz 32-bit ARM DSP, with SynthTech’s Cloud and Morphing algorithms from the E340 Cloud Generator and the E350 Morphing Terrarium.


  • User-defined wavetables loaded via microSD card
  • 16K color 240 x 320 TFT LCD display
  • Grayhill mil-spec optical encoder for data entry
  • 16-bit wavetables (versus 8-bit for the E350) for 5x lower noise & THD
  • Contains all 192 of the original E350 wavetables
  • LFO mode, variable Glitch Energy and other added features

Here are demos of a E352 Cloud Terrarium VCO prototype, via synthesist Justin Melland:

The E370 Quad Morphing VCO, above, offers four independent DSP-based VCOs.

Schreiber describes the E370 as ‘the most technically advanced Euro oscillator available’.

The module also incorporates features from the E340 Cloud Generator and the E350 Morphing Terrarium. The four VCOs can be individually controlled, used in a set of two pairs, or ganged in “Unison”.

A full-color TFT display is used in a ‘shallow depth’ menu system and can show each VCO’s output in real-time (oscilloscope mode). A micro-SD card slot allows users to load in their own custom wavetables and to save & load presets into the E370.

Production of the Quad Morphing VCO was funded via a Kickstarter campaign, with special pricing for project backers, but Schreiber is also allowing purchase via his site through the end of June, 2017.

Details on both modules are available at the Synthesis Technology site.

2 thoughts on “Synthesis Technology Quad Morphing VCO, Cloud Terrarium VCO Now Available To Order

  1. I wonder how these compare with the wavetable oscillators by Waldorf, Erica Synths etc.?

    As all these have digital cores, they would be nice as modules for VST plugins.

  2. Technically, only the black paneled e352 is available to order. The regular aluminum faceplate version is only available via his dealer network.

    That said, I have a black one ordered to match the black e370 I’ll get eventually 🙂

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