Free Raymond Scott Compendium

The Raymond Scott Archives has published a free 349-page compendium of Raymond Scott artifacts and ephemera, including previously uncirculated historic material, as a downloadable PDF.

The Artifacts files are intended as informational supplements to the Scott albums Three Willow Park: Electronic Music from Inner Space, 1961–1971; Manhattan Research Inc.; and Soothing Sounds for Baby (all available on Basta Music).

The chronologically sequenced and annotated documents and images illuminate Scott’s career in the field of electronic music, from his 1920s Brooklyn high school days to his 1980s post-Motown years in Los Angeles.

This extensive collection features Scott’s handwritten and typed technical notes, photographs, sketches, correspondence, art, schematics, patents, circuit diagrams, vintage news articles, and family ephemera. The collection is not intended to be read as a book (the patent disclosures and diagrams are extremely complex), but there are many artifacts which may be of interest.

6 thoughts on “Free Raymond Scott Compendium

  1. Raymond Scott an unbelievable inventor n creator of a lot of electronic music n radio/tv jingles….I have a 4CD set of some of his material, to include pics n discography material. I recommend picking it up. Worthwhile listening to…..a lot of interesting ideas for today’s musicians.

    I like seeing that this is coming out. An interesting past pioneer of circuit design, sound n music. Like Moog, n others, the spirit is passed on to all of us. Keep tweaking those circuits n dials…etc!!

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