SSI2144 ‘FatKeys’ VCF (SSM2044 Reissue) Now Available To Order

Audio IC startup Sound Semiconductor (SSI) has announced the immediate availability of the SSI2144 FatKeys Voltage Controlled Filter, an improved reissue of the vintage SSM2044 chip.

The SSM2044 is a classic 4-pole filter on a chip, used in classic synths from E-Mu, Korg, PPG, Siel and others. Some consider the SSM2044 to be the best-sounding VCF chip ever created.

The new version is produced in a Shrink Small Outline Package (SSOP), and available in Tube (100 piece) or Tape and Reel (4000 piece) containers. The SSOP format is designed for modern production techniques and is smaller than the original, but SSOP-to-DIP adapters let the new chip be used in the original SSM2044’s footprint.

SSI is accepting direct orders, with a minimum order of a full container (Tube or Tape and Reel). Pricing of the SSI2144 is $2.25 at 100-pieces. Samples are available at no charge to qualified OEMs. A datasheet is available (pdf) for the SSI2144.

To serve the needs of DIYers, SSI has several Authorized Resellers in place and more are expected. In addition to single or small quantity chip sales, Authorized Resellers may offer SSOP to DIP adapters for both SSI2144 and SSM2044 footprints.

Dan Parks, President of Sound Semiconductor, told us that they are just getting started with recreating classic chips.

“We’re really happy to get our first product into production,” notes Parks. “and development of our second product is moving along rapidly.”

The SSI site has preliminary information (pdf) on the SSI2164 4-channel VCA, which will be a replacement for the vintage SSM2164. Parks told us that they’re not ready to make a formal announcement on this yet, but that the VCA is under development.

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