Steinberg Nuendo 8 Now Available

Steinberg has released Nuendo 8, a major update that introduces Game Audio Connect 2 and the Sound Randomizer for game sound design and composing.

It also brings workflow improvements, such as the new MixConsole History and Direct Offline Processing.

Other new features include:

  • Renamer for automatically renaming events in Nuendo projects
  • Sampler track for easy creations of sample-based instruments from audio files
  • New effects and updated plug-ins including Frequency EQ, HALion Sonic SE 3, Retrologue 2, AutoPan, Maximizer and many more
  • User Profile Manager to easily store and recall program settings and preferences
  • ADR improvements, including automatic speech alignment and remote ADR support (available in future maintenance update)
  • New video engine, now independent from QuickTime technology

Pricing and Availability

Steinberg Nuendo 8 is available for MSRP US $2,100 ($1900 US MAP) for Mac & Windows. Upgrade pricing is also available.


[Post updated 27 June to reflect $2,100 correct MSRP]



7 thoughts on “Steinberg Nuendo 8 Now Available

  1. Almost 2000 US$ is a self-confident pricing. Maybe many pro studios use it – I didn’t hear of one. Just why is that so? In addition the link to “top studios” ends in a 404.

    1. Did you check the price of Pro-Tools (its main competitor) lately? This doesn’t target home studios btw 😉

    2. Nuendo is the Photoshop of game audio. Its what you use. Owners get their money’s worth, though, because Steinberg caters to the needs of game audio developers, so it has features that just don’t exist in most DAWs.

      1. What features?
        Reaper gives you way more useful tools that save you a bunch of time. Especially for game audio. And the price is 10x less

        1. Yeah, and GarageBand is the next Pro Tools, all the professional people with jobs in the industry that think otherwise must be idiots.

          1. I didn’t say they’re idiots. But you did say ” it has features that just don’t exist in most DAWs”. Like what?
            Also you shouldn’t compare GarageBand to ProTools. As well as you shouldn’t compare GarageBand to Reaper. I think that’s pretty obvious

  2. Nuendo has a few great and many unique functions but there is one function I would love to see in other DAWs. It has a LISTEN button on each mixer channel that when engaged turns down all other channels by -20db so you can solo in place while still hearing the rest of the mix. So each mixer channel has 3 buttons – M (mute) S (solo) and L (listen). I would love that in PT and Live.

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