ZOOM ARQ Update Brings User-Loaded Samples, Editable Arpeggiator & More

Zoom has released a major update to the ARQ Aero RhythmTrak AR-96, its unique loop-shaped sequencer, synthesizer & controller.

ARQ AR-96 Firmware V2.0 Update brings a variety of improvements and added functions:

  • An overall re-styling of graphics and icons used on the AR-96’s main LCD offers a more intuitive user’s experience with the instrument
  • Images on LCD and actions from the Ring Controller are now seamlessly integrated providing a user-friendly approach to Pattern and Song making
  • Sound parameters can now be accessed instantly and edited on the fly through the ARQ’s enhanced onboard Knobs and Cursor buttons
  • In addition, you can expand the ARQ with your own original samples by importing WAV files into the internal synth engine’s OSCillator and edit them like a Sampler
  • A fully-editable Arpeggiator is now available and the Accelerometer functions are expanded for controlling the ring Controller’s sound parameters and effects
  • Integration with Mac/PC has been taken a step further with all parameters now assignable to MIDI Out (via USB-MIDI port) from the Base Station and Ring Controller. You can record your own electronic music from the ARQ directly into the bundled Ableton Live Lite software
  • Finally the AR-96 Editor is made available for viewing and accessing all functions through your Mac screen in the studio or on your laptop during live performance

Details are available at the Zoom site.

3 thoughts on “ZOOM ARQ Update Brings User-Loaded Samples, Editable Arpeggiator & More

  1. I always thought this thing looked cool and was excited for it to be releas d. But it seems no one likes it really? I haven’t heard much about it

  2. These sound like good updates. I think this instrument’s only real issue still is the price. Most people probably still mostly see it as a novelty and $599 is just too high for folks to take a chance. I know I’m yet to see one in the wild or even in a store for that matter.

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