DIYing With The New SSI2144 VCF Chip

Reader Juan Urquhart shared this quick demo of a DIY filter, using the new SSI2144 VCF chip.

Urquhart says it’s an “early test of an early sample of this amazing chip, running from 9v, datasheet schematic.”

The SSI2144 FatKeys Voltage Controlled Filter is an improved reissue of the vintage SSM2044 chip.

The SSM2044 is a 4-pole filter on a chip, used in classic synths from E-Mu, Korg, PPG, Siel and others. Some consider the SSM2044 to be the best-sounding VCF chip ever created. The new version is produced in a Shrink Small Outline Package (SSOP), designed for modern production techniques.

11 thoughts on “DIYing With The New SSI2144 VCF Chip

    1. Thanks for making this project/video! I was thinking about buying some of these and now I know I should. That sweep with high resonance sounded nice.

    2. The chip is so tiny! I was expecting a DIP, but the new format puts this chip just beyond my soldering skills. Well done.

  1. That finished circuit board looks pretty complicated, then some added pots, resistors and caps added on. Looks like a pretty advanced DIY. Can we expect to see this chip used in a DIY filter, env filter, or wah pedal– in addition to manufactured products?

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