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  1. Thats a lot of gear for dance music. Maybe I know nothing about dance music but im starting to think it pays a ton of money. I dont think that guy does either since he believes the Jupiter cost about 200 bucks on release and now is about 900 bucks.

    1. 200 dollars in the seventies equals 900 dollars in current money because of inflation. That is what he said. He did not mention the current price. I’m not saying it’s an accurate statement, but he did not mean what you think he did.

    2. Jupiter 8’s could be had for 300-500 bucks in the early 1990s. Juno 106 was almost worthless with dead voices. I don’t think I ever saw a Prophet-5, let alone a Prophet 10 for under a thousand.

      Producing good dance music is tricky. Your mix must sound good in clubs, open air festivals, cars and homes. In an ideal world we’d have all those types of systems at our disposal to check our mixes on. Deadmau5 actually does.

      I hope he gets really creative and does incredible things in his amazing studio! It would be a shame if all that effort and money was used just to churn out overcompressed jock jams.

      My guess is he’ll maybe do some films.

  2. He must be planning for the future, renting his studio out to people or he might plan on going the Junkie XL route. Dolby Atmos? The kind of music he makes requires a computer and some top notch vsts these days. Wow is that an incredible setup. He regularly posts vids of him producing stuff, like XL. We live in spoiled times. The only way to see into the studios of the well off before the internet was over priced import music tech magazines.

  3. Paradox syndrome. What a amount of gear, if not maintenanced would fail within a couple of months for some music. I miss his team who is doing all that work, but it is Linus who is over exaggerated and somehow wants to paint a picture like Joel himself build the antenna for his internet madness. 🙂 It seems Joel has a vision of producing aural eargasm for a completely gone mad human society. Not truly comparable to others, as he is another generation with more computing and social media roots. He like many others has only one problem. Where to put all that money? 🙂

  4. The rich successfull guy studio, boring. The same old capitalistic thing just to ignite envy or desire. You’re better than this.

  5. I love “stuff”…. I have a room full myself but that space looked as inspiring as
    a) leftover meatloaf
    b) used toilet paper
    c) his music

  6. Really dreadful delivery by the interviewer.The over enthusiastic presenter is better suited to children’s TV.

    1. Do you honestly think that was targeted at adults? Or possibly it was aimed at festival-age kids… because that’s like his fanbase…?

    1. Deadmau5 has a collection of multi-million dollar sportscars that he can’t even drive where he lives, without loading them into a trailer and going to a track somewhere.

      So, not that far off from gold trinkets and marble inlays.

      1. Yes the cars are weird… but then gaming isn’t to my taste either. I’d have preferred to see a really tricked out craft station with quilting machine, hot glue guns at the ready and more stationary than staples.

      2. To be fair to him he used to live in a city and had the cars available to him there. He also ships them around when he’s gigging or spending time in other cities.

        Perhaps they’re losing relevance to him now he’s moved to the countryside. I wouldn’t want to drive a supercar I’ve spent seven figures on over a country road.

  7. Jupiter 8 and Prophet 10 were from the 80s, not the 70s, and they were expensive back then (because they were new flagship models for Roland and Sequential respectively). $200 is completely inaccurate. A Jupiter 8 would’ve typically dropped to around $1000 in the late 80s before the second analogue boom started picking up pace and prices started increasing again.
    There’s so much exaggeration in this piece which takes away any validity in what’s being reported.

  8. My heroes of the 70s and 80s made great music out of stuff like in the clip …. I like some of his songs as easy listening stuff, but you definetly don’t need all this stuff for his kind of music!

    Every society gets the music it deserves …. Enjoy!

  9. Since when has it ever been about what you need to make your music? When it comes to gear, it’s mostly about what you WANT. He is a huge success, so he has a huge studio. Simply because he can. Would do the same 10/10.

  10. I would bet dollars to donuts he has many tracks done in some DAW, using Arturia V-Collection. But he sure does have a lot of money. I’m not knocking that in any way, just sayin’ it has nothing to do with making great music. When you have 100 times more gear than Tomita I would expect more than 4-on-the-floor, electronic disco music.

  11. Honestly, I would not want ANY of this…ANY of it.
    He’s clearly OWNED by all this crap in his house. It’d be a SHAME if Donald Trump launched an EMP burst over his house…at least he could smoke his meth and menthols.

    I’m happy with my sub37, Op1, sp404sx, and digitakt….oh, and my soul….

  12. When I was a youg man in my 20’s ages ago I would have been very envious .. even jealous of Deadmouse’s studio, but now that I’m older and hopefully wiser, and now a man of Christian faith, I realize we’ve all been given various gifts by our creator, and need to be greatful for what gear we do have, and put those gifts to work with the gear we have .. to bless our neihbors as well as ourselves, and not judge ourselves by others gifts or the gear they have. The great thing about where we are tody as keyboard players vs when I started in the 70’s is you no longer need half million dollar studios to make professional records, and for that I’m greatful, but if one is blessed with the funds to build those half million dollar studios thats great too! Just be thankful, not arrogant, and create great records to bless others. 🙂

  13. Give any of these bitter shade-throwing commenters 5 mil and they’ll all end up with 10 jupiter 8’s, 5 fairlight’s, 15 arp 2600’s and the same atmos setup. Too bad you can’t win Joel’s drive and can-do attitude. Remember he made it all happen with Fruity Loops.

    1. Actually give these guys 5 mil and they wouldn’t know what to do with it. As usual the bitter commenters at this site show their jealously whenever hardworking successful musicians like SURVIVE, Junkie XL, and DM5 show up here. I guess it just reminds them that they don’t work hard and they’re not successful.

      Real musicians use all the tools in the arsenal; sad dudes complain.

      I guarantee Joel gets better music out of that modular than any of the flaccid commenters on this site do with their plugins and jealousy.

      1. he don’t use the modular, but only FL on his laptop…the rest is just for getting your attention to watch this on synthtopia.

      2. Not bitter in the least. I was merely saying you do not need all of that stuff to make great music. As someone pointed out, he made his bones using Fruity Loops? IDK which DAW he uses, but that wouldn’t surprise me. He can spend his loot however he sees fit. I’ve personally done ok in the “music biz”, and there was a time when I had a big room full of synths too. One day I realized some of my best work was done with a single Minimoog and a Tascam 80-8. I firmly believe it forces you to be creative. And so I started to sell things off. I have a nice sleek operation now. I love the affordability of the new crop of killer synths, (and inexpensive software which has become extremely good) and my music is better with fewer things. (I know thats a subjective statement) The mouse must spend an incredible amount of time shopping, which again is fine as he’s got big bank!

  14. I love this guy. Really good at what he does, has been successful doing it, seems to enjoy it, shares his passion, doesn’t take himself or what he does overly seriously.

    Fine, you don’t like his style of music, don’t like EDM as a whole, or think the whole super-star DJ thing makes no sense, especially in light of how much some of them pull down moneywise… I get that. But not sure why people would hate on Joel for what he does…

    He’s one of the few musicians I’d actually want to hang out with… helps he’s a car nut. 🙂

  15. Over saturation and indulgence is always frowned upon. No different if it’s a dance music king or an NFL star or that guy who owns the 10 billion dollar boat with different whores each day. They say he is a nerd and nerds collect for collections sake but when it’s presented like a “this is how I make music” kind of thing, then there is possibly some farce in there. When I see a junkie xl video, listen to his scores, his studio makes sense. This one looks like a candy shop more than an actual workspace but I have seen him work in it so I guess he fills his soul with gear and let’s the music speak. But got dam it looks like douche city! Like a museum of “I got”.

    1. A lesson for the kids:
      If you’re going to accuse someone of being disingenuous then at least take the high road and use actual – not inferred – facts to support your conclusions.

      Your mom.

  16. Dear Nay sayers:
    Joel is excellent at selling himself and this video is a show of his commission. He works hard and deserves his much earned toys.

    Most of you would fairly much do the same within your “like” boundaries.

  17. This reminds me of “MTV Cribs” 😀
    This studio seems a bit impersonal and uninspiring to work in. :/ I also wondering how anyone can ever find the time to really learn their instruments, when this is the environment.

    1. Sadly the media format of reality television has taken over a vast portion of the First World mindshare, cf. the recent US presidential election

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