7 thoughts on “S U R V I V E Live Set

  1. Great to see bands like these carrying the torch for live electronic music. No laptops, no DJ heroic poses, just great music and lots of synths!!!!

  2. If only they were brave enough to leave out the drums then it would be excellent. I’m not sure that plain drum rhythms really suit this sort of music… But there again, I’m not complaining too hard as I enjoyed the set.

  3. This is great! Love that sound. When you can hear the waves morphing slowly, never feel like an out of the box patch. Like someone meticulously moved those knobs to make that track. Anyways, how in the hell can they see up there. I saw a dude fiddling a knob but I’m pretty sure he couldnt even see it. Maybe they are color coded.

  4. Call me old-fashioned but TUNE please! No REALLY , 14:30 just HURTS!

    Otherwise absolutely awesome!! Seriously love what y’all are up to !!

    Your friend & neighbor…

  5. Honestly, if you’re on this website and you’re slagging this band, then I really have to ask what the hell you’re even doing here. This is an all synth band who are actually playing their instruments, have great sound design and compositional skills and are just plain killing it. Do you even like synthesizers? Do you even own any synths? Have you ever even written any tunes on a synth? Stylistically, the music that I make is much different, but I can definitely appreciate what these fellas are doing. Cheers SURVIVE, you made a new fan. I guess it wouldn’t be a Synthtopia post without a couple of crabby guys chiming in with criticism.

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