Soundtrack Loops Offering Free 500mb Summer Sampler

Producer Jason Donnelly let us know that his company, Soundtrack Loops, is giving away a free ‘Summer Sampler’ loop collection.

Donnelly says there’s no hoops to jump through or strings attached – just download and go (.zip file link).

Note: The free loop sampler is a massive 500mb collection. That’s half a gigabyte of audio action, which means we’d tell you more – but it’s still downloading.

If you like what you hear in the sampler, check out the Soundtrack Loops site, where they are also running a Summer sale.

Update: The sampler includes loops and one-shot samples in a variety of genres, including grunge rock, new age, EDM, trap, dub, house and more.

13 thoughts on “Soundtrack Loops Offering Free 500mb Summer Sampler

      1. Hi James,

        in order to provide you with the most exact answer, with our colleagues we went to the International Bureau of Weights and Measures and calculated all the megabytes by hand after stopping by the reference gigabyte.

        According to our calculations, 1 GB = 1,024 megabytes.

        Hope that helps,

    1. People with no chops? I have no drum chops, and use drum loops on occasion when working on song ideas.

  1. Very generous! Thank you! (Final size of the zip is 583.3MB)

    To everyone else: You take the pristine loops and proceed to reverse, distort, phase, slice, and rearrange. Use them as a bed under other drums, mash them together, turn them into something they were never intended to be. Grab some cool one-shots from the results. Feed your new Digitakt, MPC Live or OT some loopy food. Time to get creative! If you can tell what it was you haven’t gone far enough!

  2. While I have yet to download the files, to the person who posted saying “Who the hell uses loops these days?”, loops are very widely used. Yes, even today, Garageband to Ableton Live, Studio One to Mixcraft users will utilize the loops that are supplied with the DAWs as well as import their own.

    While trendy bro-step EDM may be less loops, drum n bass, dubstep, rock, hip hop, trap, industrial, house, etc, all tend to comprise these.

    Loops can be a great way for you to chop audio and create something new.
    I tend to destroy a loop…. I also have had my loops featured in DAW’s libraries for others to use but more on that another time.

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