Solaris Synthesizer Gets Major Feature Upgrade

John Bowen let us know that he’s released a major feature upgrade to his Solaris synthesizer.

Here are the new features and changes added with v1.3.1 OS:

  • Joystick position is now stored in the preset.
  • Assign buttons and Unison Chord stack now stored with the Preset.
  • A Random Tune parameter both in a preset and at the global level. This works per voice, and only affects the whole voice’s tuning
  • Preset names and categories of the current bank are now loaded into a memory cache, making selection and viewing of them faster.
  • New MIDI Realtime on/off in the global MIDI page to send/receive Start/Stop commands.
  • Ribbon now outputs MIDI controller on CC18 & CC19.
  • Solaris remembers the last presets selected when you turn it off, so it will resume where you were.
  • Global override parameters added for Sustain and Expression Pedals.
  • Changed the Mod Source listing of Ped1 and Ped2 to “ExpPed and “SusPed” to make it more clear
  • The ribbon Offset parameter now works differently. It adjusts the “neutral” point from the left end to the right end of the ribbon.
  • FX Bypass now does not alter the on/off state of the Preset’s effects parameters, but truly bypasses the FX bus, and stays bypassed when selecting through presets or using the Compare feature.
  • All remaining system bugs fixed. These include numerous display-related issues (parameters not being refreshed, wrong pages appearing where they shouldn’t, etc..)

This new OS works with both detented and non-detented encoder front panels.

Bowen says this is a ‘must have’ update for Solaris owners.

You can download v1.3.1 from the Data Files section of the Solaris Forum (for Owners only).

16 thoughts on “Solaris Synthesizer Gets Major Feature Upgrade

    1. Okay, whoa, I underestimated Solaris owners. I thought there were maybe 100 in the world. They don’t get much support here in Australia.

  1. John Bowen, the creator behind Solaris is one of the nicest and most humble individuals I’ve ever come across. He is generous with his knowledge, advice, and encourement. He is as accomplished as he is a genteman.

    I had the pleasure of communicating with him on numerous ocassions whilst working on a project and he was always kind and truly helpful.

    As for the Solaris, it is a brilliant work of engineering!

  2. It’s probably very good but above the reaches of mere “mortals” like myself. The best update would be the price me thinks!

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