Audio Blast Intros AcidBox 303-Style Bassline Synthesizer

Audio Blast has introduced AcidBox, a 303-style bassline synthesizer that offers built-in effects and an interface designed for realtime music making.

It’s available for Linux, Mac & Windows and you can use it as a standalone application or as a plugin.


  • 4 control modes: host sync, internal sync, MIDI sync, Midi In.
  • Up to 32 patterns, you can also load patterns banks and trigger them in studio or live situations.
  • 4 Distortion units with different grains.
  • 1 Delay, with sync and ping pong mode.
  • 1 Sequencer, with midi in keyboard input to ease your sequencing.
  • Various ways and options to export or import your sequences, patterns and banks in multiple formats.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

AcidBox is available now for Linux, Mac & Windows for 39.99 EUR.

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