New Beatmaking App For iOS & Android, Beatonal

Developer Luuk van der Graaff has introduced Beatonal, a new beatmaking app for iOS and Android.

Beatonal is designed to let you create and share your musical ideas using built-in synthesizers and drum machine.


  • 4 audio channels: drum machine, base, chords and lead
  • Input is automatically fixed to a user selectable scale
  • Contains demo tracks to get you started
  • Analog synth with two oscillators, FM, AM and pitch modulation, lowpass filter, and various effects
  • Contains 60 built-in synth presets, but you can also create and store your own presets
  • Store tracks on your device
  • User friendly track sharing via track-url’s
  • Export track as MIDI so you can continue your work inside other apps or a DAW
  • Export track as wav
  • Output realtime midi to other apps on multiple channels, or to an external device such as your DAW
  • Small app size
  • Load your own drumsamples
  • Synchronize with other music apps using Ableton Link

Pricing and Availability

Beatonal is available for iOS & Android free to download and try, but requires an $2.99 in-app purchase to unlock advanced features and project saving.

3 thoughts on “New Beatmaking App For iOS & Android, Beatonal

  1. This might be the ugliest iOS app I’ve ever seen, but it’s stupidly fun. It’s like an expanded version of Figure. I’m actually enjoying it. Would be great if I didn’t have to LOOK at it.

    Edit: I just used this to sequence my Monologue. Holy hell this is fun.

  2. Would have bought it if it was premium app. I remember the cold shower I had with Alchemy when it was pulled out from the app store.

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