Free Korg Radias Sound Library

Synthesist Marcus Padrini has created a free patch collection for the Korg Radias synthesizer.

The collection includes leads, bass, pads, strings and sequences – with some recreating famous sounds, others completely original. 

“This is my attempt to demonstrate and spread some love that Radias deserves,” notes Padrini.

Here’s an example of Padrini’s sound library in action, on a cover of Vangelis’s Blade Runner End Titles:

The collection is a free download (.zip). Use the free Korg Radias editor to load the patches.

12 thoughts on “Free Korg Radias Sound Library

  1. The Radias card in the M3 cannot read the files from the Radias, unfortunately. It would have been awesome to be able to program the sounds on the Radias and then blow them into the M3 module.

    The Radias is a great little synth! Can’t wait to check out these patches.

  2. I had a bit of a gas problem when the M3 and Radias came.
    They look so happy together.

    I wish, that Korg would have continued on the path, that Ms-2000 and Radias started.

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