Free Mellotron Samples

Sonic Bloom has shared a free sample library, featuring the classic sounds of the Mellotron.

The Mellotron is an electro-mechanical, polyphonic tape replay keyboard from 1963. It was used iconically by The Beatles in their song Strawberry Fields Forever; by prog artists like Moody Blues and Genesis; by synth artists like Tangerine Dream; and it continues to find a home in many types of music.

The SB Mellotron Samples contain woodwinds, various strings and string section, brass, flute and choir from various Mellotron versions,. Each note was individually sampled, to recreate the unique sound of the Mellotron.

The sample library features 10 different instruments total, all included as wav files in separate folders.

7 thoughts on “Free Mellotron Samples

  1. I am very new to using samples, DAW, Midi etc. My question: I have a Yamaha reface keyboard that does have midi capability. Is there a way to use that keyboard to play the mellotron samples on my computer? If so, what software would I need? Thanks!

  2. Yes – I’m also new to using midi (Yamaha Clavinova) to play mellotron sounds. I was able to download some free samples and import them into my sound effect library in Reaper on my laptop. I connect midi from the Yamaha to my MOTU Traveler MK3 into my laptop via Firewire 400->800 adapter->Thunderbolt 3->Thunderbolt 2 adapter->laptop. The keyboard then is recorded onto a track in Reaper and I choose the Mellotron effect(s) out of the effects library for that track.

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