Elektron Analog Four Reviewed At 5 Years Old

This video, via loopop, is a review of the 5 year-old Elektron Analog Four.

As noted in the video, the 5 year-old Analog Four is a very different synth than what was reviewed when it was originally released. Elektron’s firmware updates have added some huge capabilities, including polyphony and Overbridge.

The Analog Four is also available for substantially less than the mkII versions, so the video also takes a look at the differences between the two versions.

19 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Four Reviewed At 5 Years Old

  1. “Reworked the circuitry for very deep and defined bass” < Elektron used the same comment as sound different between the desktop and the keyboard version. I didnt hear the sound difference and therefore see that as a selling point lie, to make people buy the keyboard version instead of keeping the desktop version.

          1. Pretty 100% sure they did. And it sure is a quite big difference. There are sound examples on soundcloud. I have both and believe me. There is a difference. Much better bass/lowend on keyboard version.

    1. Maybe the new model. Has the reworked circuitry from the desktop version. They are only distinguishing between the Mk1 and Mk2 versions not between the desktop and Mk2.

      1. They tweaked the filter resonance on the Keyboard Version. On the MK2 version they reworked the Overdrive and Filter 1 Circuitry completely, which also has a huge impact on the rest of the synth engines sound.

    2. the sound between the mk1 and the keyboard is very different..the keyboard is an improvement imo..so the mkii is an improvement for sure.



  2. I’m surprised more people, especially people that are rrrreeeaalllyyy into synthesis (no one buys a synth as expensive as an AK or A4), make very little out on the addition of individual outputs on the A4. I don’t play keyboard, but put up with the size of the AK just for the freedom of the individual output…

    1. Agreed that increasing the number of outs is fantastic. But for those who’re more interested in using a single polyphonic synth than a multitimbral one the additional outs may be superfluous. Nice to have the option though.

      Just wish I had the disposable income to blow on one of these… But it’s still not as expensive as going modular.

  3. Great video. I feel like this piece of gear is criminally underrated. I have an entire project based around it and it never gets old. A fantastic piece of gear!

  4. This video convinced me to jump on a used one for under $700. If the bass is really that deficient I could always get a bass module for a combined price less than a new A4. Also, it looks better with my Digitakt!

  5. The original A4 is a steal now in 2020; Still sounds great; the mk2 improvements aren’t needed for my use, and units in great condition sell for $600-$625 now.

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