Bob Moog Foundation Raffle Offers Chance To Win A Memorymoog Plus

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced a raffle for a vintage Memorymoog Plus synthesizer.

“The Memorymoog Plus has been referred to as the peak of vintage synthesizer luxury,” says BMF Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa. “This Memorymoog Plus synthesizer has a very special history: It was generously donated to us by Lee Keeley, who was the winner of our 2016 Memorymoog raffle. Lee is enjoying the Memorymoog that he won, but donated the Memorymoog Plus. Wes Taggart spent over 30 hours lovingly restoring the synthesizer to its original glory and it sounds fantastic!

Memorymoog Features:

  • Six-voice polyphonic synthesizer with three oscillators per voice.
  • Each oscillator’s waveforms can be combined.
  • 18 oscillators can be tuned in 5 seconds or under with the Auto Tune function.
  • Oscillator Sync.
  • Monophonic mode with user-allocated oscillator count… up to 18 oscillators!
  • True Moog 24dB per octave filter (one for each voice, for a total of 6!)
  • Programmable arpeggiator.
  • Prophet 5 Poly Mod-style polyphonic “Voice Modulation” allows routing of Oscillator 3 and the Filter Envelope to multiple, combinable destinations… Oscillator 3 can be a secondary LFO, or a source for audio-range modulation.
  • 100 patch storage slots.
  • Multi-destination Independent LFO with a variety of waveforms, including Sample and Hold.
  • ADSR envelopes for filter and amp.
  • Alpha numeric readout that gives controls old and new values side by side when editing existing patches so they can be returned.
    100 patch memory driven by a 0-9 a-d keypad with a massive LED patch number readout.
  • Interfacing including the ability to drive a monosynth from the highest note played from either CV/Gate or CV/S-Trig.
  • Original factory programs designed by Wendy Carlos, Tom Coster, Herb Deutsch, Larry Fast, Jan Hammer, Don Airey, and Dominic Milano.

The Memorymoog Plus adds these features:

  • MIDI Interface.
  • Basic polyphonic and monophonic sequencer, the latter of which controls an externally interfaced monophonic synthesizer (via rear panel CV/gate/trigger jacks).
  • More stable oscillators.

Tickets to enter the raffle are $25 each, five for $100, or 10 for $200 and can be purchased through the Foundation’s website. The raffle, which is open internationally, closes at 11:59pm (EST) on September 6th, 2017 or when all 4,000 tickets are sold, whichever comes first. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Foundation’s educational and historic preservation initiatives.

10 thoughts on “Bob Moog Foundation Raffle Offers Chance To Win A Memorymoog Plus

  1. i, for one, cannot wait to pay £10000 for a memorymoog reissue 3 days before another company makes the same thing for £1000. oh, when i think about the amount of complaining ill have to do to justify my purchase, it makes me giddy.

    1. Your name should be Pfft, not PFS.

      Who said reissue? Based on is not the same as reissue. The DSI Prophet 08 and Prophet 6 are not a reissue of the Prophet 5.

      Of course, why should Moog make a poly synth that people want when they can keep repackaging what they already have.

      1. I’m just joking my dude, I’d actually love a new Moog poly (as long as the price was in the ball park of something like the Prophet Rev 2 mind). I actually think it’ll happen at some point too. Then Behringer will clone it for half the price and I’ll cop that one, because I’m broke as hell 😉

  2. Just to be clear, this is an announcement for a raffle for a vintage Memorymoog Plus, not a product announcement. While these rare instruments do sell for $10,000 on eBay, this is not a reissue. A generous patron donated this instrument to us, we had it restored, and we are raffling it to raise funding to educate little kids about the science of sound — something to truly feel giddy about.

  3. Yo solo escuche un memory moog en videos y suena increíble!
    Por supuesto me encantaría una reedición de tan maravilloso instrumento.

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