Kebu’s Synthesizer Playground

Finnish synthesist Kebu (Sebastian Teir) has shared a new interactive website that lets you explore his synth rig, from his vantage point, and hear the role played by each synthesizer.

Kebu’s Synthesizer Playground was created by photographer Daniel Hertrich, and lets you experience Kebu’s live performance rig with your Web browser or via VR. 

Hertrich shot the images in high-res, so you can see the details of each instrument. And Kebu provided solo tracks for each synthesizer, so selecting a synth lets you solo it and mute the other synths.

Hertrich shared some of the technical details via his site:

Each 360° scene is compiled from 32 individual photos, with 42 Megapixel each. Considering the overlapping that’s necessary for successful image stitching, this results in an overall resolution of 670 Megapixel per spherical scene.

Kebu’s songs „Perplexagon Part 2“, „To Jupiter and Back“ and „Le Carneval des Étoiles“ build the musical background for the three scenes. And these are also the songs that the visitor can „play“ virtually by interactive triggering of their solo tracks.

The gear and software that was used:

A motorized panorama head „Seitz VR Drive II“ for controlling the camera

A Sony Alpha 7RII camera with 42 Megapixel and the 24-70 f/2.8 Sony Zeiss G-Master lens, used at 24mm focal length

Exposure data of each individual photo: 1 second exposure time, f/16, ISO 250

Adobe Lightroom (screenshot) for basic development of all individual images

Kolor Autopano Giga and Kolor Panotour Pro (see screenshot) for processing the images, videos and sound tracks to build the multimedial interactive tour

Check it out and let us know what you think!

via Cade, Kebu

32 thoughts on “Kebu’s Synthesizer Playground

    1. I presume you read the article and the first word is ‘Finnish’ synthesist.

      And then of course you ask if he is German?

    1. To be fair, ‘Finnish’ is very close to ‘finish’ and you can easily skim over details trying to speed read synth sites on your work break.

  1. He also has a great video of the Yamaha SY-1 synth. He’s a great artist; I love what he’s doing and how he’s going about it. Find that SY-1 video when you get a chance; it’s inspiring to see what a creative person can come up with while using simple ingredients.

  2. Really fun site. The high res images are a treat.

    Would love to see a time lapse or super fast motion video of him tearing all of this stuff down from his studio, packing it, moving it, setting it all up, tearing it back down and getting it set up in his studio again. It must be a colossal amount of work/time!

    Even if I could do shows as interesting as his (I can’t), no one would ever know because my laziness would win out before I transported a thing. Respect to Kebu!

    1. There was actually a timelapse of him building up his stage for a concert, but it seems to have been removed from various internet sources. Should anyone have a link please tell us. It was very interesting in terms of order in which equipment, cables were installed and the duration of various parts of the setup.

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