Sonoj Convention To Explore Music Production With Open Source Software

The Sonoj Convention – coming to Cologne, Germany the 4th and 5th of November 2017 – is a free event, focusing on music production with open source software.

Here’s what organizers have to say about the new event:

You will be able to enjoy demonstrations, talks and workshops about music production through open source software. Hands-on tutorials and workflow presentations can be expected.

The Sonoj Convention is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, maybe even to have engaging discussions! Every man and woman is welcome, no matter your musical or technological background.

An event like the Sonoj Convention does not exist yet. While commercial and closed-source products have plenty of platforms the open source, and sometimes hobbyist, scene does not.

Event Details:

Date: 4th and 5th of November 201
Location: Cologne, Germany
Admission Free – Registration mandatory, limited to 50 visitors

via Nils Hilbricht

One thought on “Sonoj Convention To Explore Music Production With Open Source Software

  1. This is not only a fascinating topic, I think it is kind of important.

    It is easy for those of use who can afford some hardware and software, here and there, to take for granted that it is easier than ever to make finished music on a computer.

    Where free and/or open source software comes in, it can be recommended to people of all levels and interests who need music software but either can’t afford it, or have other priorities.

    And Open Source software is often in a public process of development and evolution– which means that as people’s interests and abilities are brought into the process, they can help the software to expand with new features and capabilities.

    It is an interesting idea that a person could buy a used computer, a used audio/MIDI interface, a used MIDI controller and a used microphone; then get a selection of open source software and be up and running to make potentially wonderful sounding tracks very inexpensively. It wouldn’t necessarily be easy, but if a person was resourceful and had some access to a little bit of advice along the way, it would be doable.

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