Behringer D Synthesizer CV Inputs & Outputs

This video, via synthpro, takes a look at using the Behringer D Minimoog clone’s CV inputs and outputs.

Here’s what synthpro has to say about the video:

This video, I demonstrate the interfacing features available using the CV inputs and outputs on the Behringer Model D.

I was using a Moog Moogerfooger CP-251 in this demonstration but many things can be used in its place including other synth modules.

Pricing and availability for the Behringer D are still to be announced.

18 thoughts on “Behringer D Synthesizer CV Inputs & Outputs

    1. At that price, the Roland SE-02 looks like a much better deal, since it offers presets, MIDI control, sequencing and a lot of other enhancements.

    2. I wouldn’t take that price as anything other than BAX over-inflating their pre-order prices. They often do this.

    3. For the record this is about US$483 plus 20% tax, so yeah, even if street price ends up being $399 this is a bit of a gouge.

  1. I’ll only buy a Roland when it sounds like a Roland! The SE-02 does no different sound wise to the other Studio Electronics units such as the ATC-1 & SE-1. Behringer D is more of a faithful recreation of the Minimoog.

    1. That SE-02 did sound to my ears in more than one YT movie close to the old Korg 700 synth. Which is not a bad thing, at least to my ears.

  2. cannot pre book no where now…

    as usual, all show, and no action…now they might have realized
    the shops dont get enuff profit to sell this thing at usd 299 net.

    IF it comes at that price, expect further downgrades and behringer quality.

    otherwise, they might be thinking abt U TURN to higher price ??
    who knows…not even they do , yet.

  3. at 13:13 onwards it gets nice and dark, can the roland get that dark ?? not heard anything from the roland this dark and alive ,maybe it can
    but i need to hear more of both.

  4. I think it sounds good. Everyone would buy this at $299.
    Any higher price, since they said $299, will make me mad and I won’t buy it.

  5. I think the Behringer does sound good, but I’m a bit nonplussed with the Roland – I’m not hearing the Moog or the Studio Electronics sound from the SE-02 Doesn’t sound much like vintage Roland either – most of the demos so far sound pretty distorted, fairly harsh to my ears in general, not a hint of the liquid funky sound I would expect from a Studio Electronics designed synth, even the bass sounds seem lacking in some way. Guess I’ll just have to wait till I can try one in the flesh. It’s well priced though, but tiny, not sure I could live with that. On the other hand, the Behringer size and look seems a lot more appealing to me.

  6. I’m squarely in the Behringer camp of the Model D/SE-02 debate. This thing sounds amazing, and those patch points are just ridiculous. But they both sound amazing. And to think, you could get both for like $800!

    1. Roland SE 02 is £509. Behringer Model D is £454. Both are £963 together, in the UK, current list prices. Not such a bargain price as we’d hoped!

  7. Stop saying it “actually” sounds good. Of course it sounds good, it a stolen Model D ! And please stop calling it a “Behringer”. Taking someone else’s product and remaking it in China doesn’t make it yours.

    1. I recommend saving up as much outrage as possible and redeeming it for valuable prizes when the next 303 clone (hardware/vst/app/whatever) comes out.

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