33 thoughts on “Jean-Michel Jarre Plays The Schmidt Analog Synthesizer And, Of Course, It Sounds Like ‘Jarre’

  1. Have ever wondered what Wolfie would do if he found himself in front of a contemporary synth? Well, this is kinda like that. I would love to see a full-length feature of Jarre exploring this intriguing console.

  2. c’etait vraiment trés interessant …. or not…. not at all in fact.
    Even Jean Michel Jarre uses a phone to record a 19000 euros synth… to show that with a slow filter move you can do phaser …wow. I regret the maker of the synth is the one recording it on his phone

  3. Never mind that trolling twaddle. I’d all but wet myself to have a few hours at the Schmidt. Its one of those uber-synths that take me back to the first time I heard Klause Schulze, my jaw swinging like an old rusty gate. I guess pros who have big stacks need the business tax write-off, but once you have a few synths, its time to get on with it. It’d be a fun synth to tweak for a while, but when you can buy boutique modules and one of Dave Smith’s Rev2s with a bit of planning, the argument gets a bit pale. What *can’t* you do after a certain point? The Schmidt probably runs really warm, so my cats would like it as a lounge.

    1. I have a Schmidt, and despite my innate cynicism, have found it to be one of the best investments I have ever made. It does SO MUCH, I don’t think I could ever find the end or the limit within it. It’s far more synth than my current ability can handle, but it is pushing me to improve my technical ability in composition, sound design, and keyboard skills. Knock it all you want, because it IS a ridiculously expensive device. I came to it at first to scoff, and remained behind to pray.

  4. I never understood why i should need a room filling synth just to get one polyvoice. Any cheap Roland JV/JD is doing a similar job like the Schmidt.

    1. Yep who are these people that like nice things with lots of features? I mean some people like to drive Mercedes or Ferrari cars, what idiots they are when people like you know a Honda Civic is exactly the same…..right?

    2. I think a hybrid with mostly digital voices but 1 vco and 2 vcfs per voice would match the output of most of these beasts, since a lot of the time the extra content created by a full poly 3vco system becomes lost in noise.

    1. That’s hilarious coming from a nobody with zero talent.

      Care to share your music with us so we can see how talented you really are?

      Which makes me wonder: Why entirely negative haters come to music tech websites. Clearly you should not be attempting to create any music with your shitty attitude.

      1. I don’t need to share anything to be able to say, that I find news about Jean Michel Jarred careless, due to that the man have not released anything worth listening to since the 80s in my opinion, The same applies to Brian Eno.

        How can you say “zero talent”, when you don’t even know me? I find that reply very ignorant 🙂

        haters? nah, it’s called having an opinion, which most users have here.


        1. 1993’s Chronologie was excellent, and I’ll fight the man that says otherwise.

          But yeah after that things took a real downturn, mostly due to his great passion leading to relationship issues and drama with women in his life which affected his work. The releases since then all of which I eventually regretted purchasing.

          He once told me he was developing new instruments, to be released commercially. At the time he had this partnership with Geiss going on and there were some incredible ideas. But that all fell by the wayside due to the emotional toll of living with the remarkable high profile women he was drawn to.

        2. We know you have zero talent because people with talent don’t feel the need to attempt to diminish the achievements of a highly successful and iconic artist like Jarre. Time does not diminish his achievements, he will be leaving behind a legacy of music that will be listened to for generations, while you will only be leaving behind a few laughably jealous but completely forgettable internet posts.

  5. Immensely popular Electronic music pioneer plays incredible synth. This is exactly what I expect to see here! Thanks Synthtoia ???

  6. Why recording such insignificant moment ..with a phone.. a19000euros synth ..hey please mister superstar give a little respect to the SOUND, or should I say mister the maker of this Beast that is this synth, why are you recording this and posting it. We all know mister Jarre can afford one if that’s the point.
    This is really not a hate post… great synth, real musician all that published on the one and only great website for electronic music lovers.

  7. Sorry for being a little harsh but as a synth enthusiast it’s pretty irrational to complain about exclusive synths and hype since both aspects drive the market. You need the Ferraris out there so you can have your Civic. Because at first there was only one very exclusive Ferrari and without a second, third…..Ferrari, the price and technology would have stayed beyond our reach.

  8. You can see he really enjoys playing this synth.
    Like a kid in a candy store. 🙂
    Very short video, but I love to see this glimpse of mister Jarre.

    1. Jealous much? Deal with being a failure in life. The world is full of better musicians and composers than you. Instead of trolling your jealous bollocks… try to create something significant enough that you play concerts all around the world and then have talent-less plebs talking shit about you on music tech sites.

  9. Stop beging jealous , Jean Michel Jarre is very cool , he just do this video for the fun of it
    he doesn’t need any publicity or money , he sold enough records .
    If you would be as successful as him would you be still cool and humble ?
    Think about it before being sarcastic .

    1. This sounds very cold and sterile, that must be the JMJ effect.

      Please lets boycott the commercial musicians and let the unknown/creative users shine through. Thank you.

  10. And yet again ANY post that deals with an expensive synth draws out the ignorant to make comments like “it sounds like a VST” or “My (insert cheap crap synth name here) sounds just as good as this”…. Anyone like me that owns one of these, spends hours working with them and isn’t talking out of their arse just has to laugh…

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