DIY Synth An Impressive Mofo

YokoBoko shared pictures and a demo video of this unique DIY build of an unofficial companion Eurorack module for the Moog Music Mother-32.

The Motherfucker-19 is a DIY Eurorack module that follows the same general format as Moog’s Mother-32. It’s a ‘Frankensynth’, built using a combination of elements from Doepfer and electronics parts. (Build info here.)

Here’s a video demo:

The synth – like Moog’s official but unobtainable Brother From Another Mother and Drummer From Another Mother modules – is a perfect compliment to the popular Mother-32.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it! Would you like to see Moog release more modules in the same format as the Mother-32? If so, what would you like to see?

22 thoughts on “DIY Synth An Impressive Mofo

    1. My first thought was at least they had the balls to call it that, instead of just hinting at it like Moog did. Say what you really mean Moog or change the name.

  1. dual oscillator and ring mod! two filter with full range of drive from a powerful mixer section even? LFOs and mod sources could be applied per voice into the dual filter setup, almost ms20 but with a combination of moog sounds… Or even add one digital module for a hybrid voice system, with paraphonic options per voice (vco1, vco2, sample voice 1, wavetable voice? 4 voice paraphony with lo and hi note modes) That would be brutal and unique.

  2. Very professional build and sonic quality. What’s particularly interesting is that it has different sonic qualities from the M-32. Different worlds that enhance each other.

    Why name it Frankenstein, and why name it MF in addition? I.m.o. none of Frankenstein, Motherfucker or Mother-32 is a relevant name for either of these products. They add nothing to quality, application or artisticy, only demonstrate poor quality of values in life.

    1. Whether you swear or not doesn’t show “poor quality of values in life” (whatever that actually means). The builder was acknowledging Moog’s design and their irreverent product names in a way that a commercial product cannot. Some people find it amusing, others reach for their bibles and begin quiet rhythmic chanting.

  3. Fantastic work, and fits in so well with the M32. I’ve had my Doepfer DIY synth 1/3 built for over two years now. Somehow the complexity of the soldering (over 80 points left) has always made me skip over it, even though thr panel is made etc. I really need to just get on with it, as this demo sounds pretty cool! Looks very nice too – mine is just a small euro panel based on the Little Dieter layout.

  4. Did not even notice the name until reading the comments. Solved with 3″ of electrical tape, or why not DIY the whole front panel and name it whatever your particular value system is comfortable with. It’s very clear to me why they named it the way they did. However, my parents would not take me to Fuddruckers┬« growing up because their mustard was named “Mother Fuddruckers”. What a difference a few letters can make in people’s mind.

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