Corciolli – The Man Who Disappeared in the Painting

Brazilian composer and synthesist Corciolli shared the music video for The Man Who Disappeared in the Painting, a track from his new album, ILUSIA.

Art direction, video and graphics for the video are by Ian Benoir.

Corciolli shared some of the technical details of the track:

The main interest on this track is the use of guitar samplers, fully played on the keyboards. The analog synth glide solos was produced by a Roland JUNO 106 (first) and added a Novation ULTRANOVA (second). All guitar samplers was produced by blending Omnisphere 2, Logic EX24 and Yamaha Motif XF8, in some cases 8 layers.

I also recorded all solo guitars on a guitar amplifier and mix the sound with the virtual instrument.

Mixed on a SSL 4000 console!

2 thoughts on “Corciolli – The Man Who Disappeared in the Painting

  1. Pink Floydy, but with excellent blend of electro and classic. If the rest of the album matches up, he has my money.

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