New Analog Circuit Modeling Synth For iPad, Zeeon

Sunrizer developer BeepStreet has introduced Zeeon – a new iPad synthesizer based on an analog circuit modelling engine.

The developers say that analog circuit modeling allows for “pure, organic and detailed sound”.

Here are a few examples of Zeeon in action:


  • Audio Unit v3 and standalone application with a simple polyphonic step sequencer
  • 2 oscillators with continuously variable waveforms, hard-sync and sub-oscillator. Carefully simulated analog drift and PSU influence.
  • Filter: 3 models available: Transistor ladder low pass, OTA cascade low pass and State Variable Filter with continuously variable LP-HP + BP mode.
  • 2 low frequency oscillators and envelope generators per voice.
  • Overdrive: diode clipper and transistor saturation, pre and post filter.
  • Up to 2 layers per voice. Layers can modulate each other.
  • Powerful modulation matrix offering self-modulation and cross-layer modulation, 8 modulation slots, 17 signal sources and 41 targets available, both from modulation modules and audio signal path. This takes Zeeon into semi-modular territory. Imagine oscillator waveform, panning, filter cutoff, resonance or LP-HP mode modulated by oscillators or another layer!
  • Effects unit: Circuit modelled BBD chorus, bass booster, zero-delay Phaser, Stereo delay and Reverb.
  • 144 presets and Tutorials bank.

Note: A 64-bit iPad is required, and the developers say that Zeeon is demanding on CPU, because the analog circuit modeling requires solving millions of nonlinear equations in every second.

Pricing and Availability

Zeeon is available now for US $9.99.

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29 thoughts on “New Analog Circuit Modeling Synth For iPad, Zeeon

  1. I can imagine it is MAJORLY CPU intensive, when I played with those roland plug out vsts, they sounded great but ate CPU cyles like nobody’s business.

    1. Because it is ridiculously easier to make a graphic mockup that looks good than to actually prototype a piece of hardware that looks good and accommodates the internal parts with a solid build.

      Source: I’m an Industrial Designer.

      1. Please design and build a midi controller just like the mock up and I’ll buy it. We don’t need processing in the device because it is already in our iPads.
        Also I want a Moog Model 15 controller and one for Mono/Poly.
        These apps are fantastic but hands on high quality controls are what’s missing. I seriously believe there is a market for the hardware.

  2. I Downloaded Zeeon to my IPD Air2 n it runs like a charm. Love the fact that a layer can modulate another layer. This modulation between layers reminds me of when I had a Nord Modular 2. I sold it to go more hardware modular, vs virtual. If I buy virtual these days it’s for my iPad.

    The Zeeon sounds good from the bottom end up. I’ve had no crackle or other glitchy stuff. I understand from beepstreet that more is in store for the Zeeon. So, for 9.99 you can’t go wrong.

    I’m very happy with my Zeeon purchase from Beepstreet. I have been using the Sunrizer since it was released back when.

  3. Even though I don’t yet own a 64-bit iPad, I’m going to buy it now for future use.

    My reason for having serious enthusiasm for this is modulation scan rate of 176 KHz (4x the audio rate). This should mean snappy envelopes and very smooth modulation with LFO’s etc. We didn’t hear examples of that in the above demos, but hopefully someone will highlight that in a demo, soon

    1. That’s what got by attention too. It performs well even with two au editions running concurrently. Really liking AUv3 approach in general. Love Sunrizer. Nice to see Beepstreet back in action. Coffee.

  4. A wonderful synth that works well and sounds fantastic on my iPad Air 2. Bravo, BeepStreet! A more than worthy successor to Sunrizer.

  5. It sounds really good, probabaly the best I’ve heard yet for iOS. Circuit modelling is where it’s at. Been using Diva for awhile and nothing analogish could come close on an ipad but this thing comes close, at least from the samples. Great job BeepStreet.

  6. If this was a hardware synth I would throw my money at them straight away. It looks so cool. When I saw the picture of it rendered as though it was RealLife(tm) I couldn’t click on the article quick enough. Only to find out it was a virtual synth…

    If any hardware synth designers are out there listening then, hey guys, this is what people would want design-wise. Pity it’s only virtual…. sigh….

    1. Though it uses circuit modeling to create its sounds, it might not even be possible to build this as a hardware synth (at least not as an analog synth).

      Anyone could make this into a “hardware synth” by buying a MIDI controller and assigning the knobs

  7. bought because of the name beepstreet and sunrizer. was not disappointed. great sound. great UI. strong recommendation!

    only things missing are background audio and audiobus. just AU is a bit of a restriction for me. hope for an update.

      1. am still using AB2, does what i need. according to the AB website, zeeon is not compatible yet with AB3.

        i contacted the developer of zeeon. fast reply. he will be looking into it, he said. so it will just need some patience, i guess.

  8. I bought it instantly without even knowing what it is, just knowing it’s from Beepstreet was enough.

    And MAN is it something else! It sounds like business! I didn’t know it was circuit modelling, but when I tried it, it was instantly obvious it is state of the art in modelling.

    It sounds fantastic!

  9. this interface is done right, just like the sunriser. clear, easy to read, familiar & logical. no outlandish/garrish graphical elements.
    thanks Beepstreet!

    p.s. i have never did any of the crowdfunding thing, but if Beepstreet petitioned funding for a hardware incarnation of this, count me in immediately!

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