Numerical Audio releases RF-1 – Algorithmic Reverb for Mac and Windows

Numerical Audio has announced RF–1 Algorithmic Reverb for Mac & Windows, a desktop version of its previously introduced iOS effect.

RF-1 is a collection of algorithmic reverbs capable of creating a variety of effects, ranging from small rooms to huge, heavily modulated spaces and everything in between. RF-1 comes with multiple reverb algorithms, including Hall, Plate, Ensemble, Tremolo and a  VintageVerb, modeled after the very first digital reverbs from the late 70s.


  • 5 Unique Reverb models (Hall, Plate, Ensemble, Tremolo & VintageVerb).
  • Dedicated Space and Color sections.
  • Continuously variable Size and Decay.
  • Adjustable Pre-Delay & Diffusion.
  • High & Lowpass Shelving Filters
  •  Modulation Controls.
  • Stereo spread control and full stereo operation throughout.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

RF-1 (Mac and Windows, AU, VST) is available now for $14.50 (intro offer, save 50% until Sep. 10th) and regularly sells for $29.00. A fully functional but time limited demo is also available.

4 thoughts on “Numerical Audio releases RF-1 – Algorithmic Reverb for Mac and Windows

  1. It’s not working. Got the VST since I have it for iOS, but it’s not working on MAC. Getting no sound when plugin placed in Ableton.

    1. Hey there,

      RF-1 dev here, I’m afraid there have been some issues with the 1.0.0 release, should be fixed in v1.0.2 which has been released earlier today. If you want to give it another go just grab the updated build from the website.

        1. Glad to hear that, thanks for the feedback!

          As it turns out, 1.0.2 did not fix everything as some people were still getting artefacts when using the Hall algorithm.
          The good news, however, is that we’ve just published another build (1.0.3) which addresses those issues and furthermore greatly improves the Hall algorithm.

          Those who already purchased a copy should update immediately, those who didn’t should definitely check out the updated demo!

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