Use The Novation Circuit As A 51-Knob MIDI Controller

The latest video via loopop takes a look at how to use the Novation Circuit as a 51-knob MIDI Controller. 

Video Summary:

The Novation Circuit is a fun groovebox, but it can also serve as a great MIDI controller for soft synths because its 8 macro knobs can be used to send CC messages across multiple views – in total controlling 51 different soft synth parameters

8 thoughts on “Use The Novation Circuit As A 51-Knob MIDI Controller

    1. are you joking?
      i assume you don’t live under a rock and know that this is just showing expanded functionality of a very flexible and fun little synth…

  1. Brilliant thank you. Exactly what I was looking for! Very comprehensive.

    The Circuit is amazing; its simplicity belies its complexity. Do some research; powerful as standalone (which can use batteries!) and now as a compact MIDI controller

    Thanks again!

  2. I bought a circuit recently and love it. But… it’s a damn shame I cannot use it as a midi controller for ableton or whatever without affecting my internal sounds.

    Please Novation can we have a firmware update to make “Controller mode” happen.
    A shift/other button combo mode that outputs the pads and knobs to a midi chanell of our choice please. And even better than that can you please fix it for me to be able to create sequences on these lovely new midi channels so that we can send sequences to volka’s and daws while using our two brilliant circuit synths.

    Ps, Please fire up the forum again

  3. Not having a centralised circuit forum sucks ass…
    I have posted stuff everywhere and messaged Novation directly and not a single communication.

    I love using my Circuit so much I have been considering a Launchpad Pro but I’m going off the idea because they dont have a forum either.. Plain Lazy to be honest. Arturia have one and somebody always responds..



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