Symphonic Electronic Cover Of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’, From Inception

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist John Heath shared this masterful symphonic electronic arrangement of Time, from Hans Zimmer’s Inception soundtrack. 

Heath’s video song style arrangement was created entirely using the Arturia MiniBrute. Heath recorded every note/part individually on 132 audio tracks. The tracks were then submixed down to 18 for final mix.

Every note was played on the MiniBrute. No other external controllers were used. The DAW used for recording and editing/engineering audio was Propellerhead Reason 9.5.

7 thoughts on “Symphonic Electronic Cover Of Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’, From Inception

  1. Holy sh*te, that’s outstanding, 5-star studio craft. Very lush and moving. Newbies take note of how its done. Once again, its not the synth, its the synthesist. Stay tuned for John Heath t-shirts, coming soon.

  2. 6 months in the making apparently. Even though making this on a minibrute is pretty sweet, someone else appropriately said, ‘This is all about the user NOT the equipment’. Some serious skill demonstrated here.

  3. 132 audio tracks. That’s some serious patience. I’m not sure I could spend 6 months trying to recreate someone else’s song. Sounds great though.

  4. You pay for what you get. You pay 50,000 dollars and you can get an orchestra for a day to make this in one day. Your money or your time! But mad skills and patience. A true Mensch. Total victory.

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