GeoShred Update Adds Microtonal Support, MPE Out & More

Wizdom Music music has updated GeoShred for iOS, adding support for 3D touch control, MIDI/MPE Out, World Scales/Temperaments and more.

GeoShred pairs expressive multi-touch control with advanced physical modeling synthesis, based on the research of Dr. Julius O. Smith III of Stanford/CCRMA.

Here’s what’s new in GeoShred 2.5:

  • Support for 3D touch for control and MIDI/MPE Out
  • Support for World Scales and Temperaments as well as user defined Scales/Temperaments
  • Suport for Indian Ragas
  • New Sympathetic String Resonator
  • Backing Tracks from the iTunes Library

Here’s Wizdom’s Jordan Rudess demoing the new version:

Pricing and Availability:

GeoShred is available for US $24.99 in the App Store.

9 thoughts on “GeoShred Update Adds Microtonal Support, MPE Out & More

    1. bob, Rudress is not just demonstrating the instrument here, it’s his own design. This is his company where he sells instruments he has created. You called him an idiot. What a strange term for someone who designs amazing futuristic instruments with incredible feature sets. Please post a link to the site or review where the instruments which you design are described so that we can compare your creations to his and judge accordingly. Thanks.

      1. I’m sorry I touched you nerve but the guy is a marketing hoar, giving good reviews and demos to the highest bidder, he has been for years. This is why people are sick of the sight of him.

        1. “I’m sorry I touched you nerve”

          You assume far too much.

          If you have experience with this instrument and any legitimate criticism whatsoever of his instrument design, please go ahead and state it. That would be a constructive contribution. Before responding with that though, please post a link to the site or review where the instruments which you design are described so that we can compare your intellectual and creative work to his. Thank you in advance for your detailed and specific response that specifically addresses these issues.

          1. Hi, Rabid Bat

            You posit that the app is “amazing” and “futuristic” with “incredible features”. How do you know? Would you please post a link to the apps that you have designed that are less than amazing, antiquated and underspecified so that we’ll all know you have the experience to offer such insights. Thanking you in advance.

      2. I actually see where you both are coming from. His apps are kind of interesting and they do utilize some great features that a lot of great app developers don’t add which makes him good in my book. That said, Ruddess is kind of annoying and his playing, while very good, is pretty annoying after a bit. Not everyone’s cup of tea but he is undeniably talented. I personally don’t use his apps at all but have tested them and can see them being useful for some. For the longest time he was in every other synth demo video and it was so annoying…

    2. His demo style is not to my taste either but to call him an idiot is a bit much. GeoShred is an amazingly expressive instrument/controller for iOS with much depth and this update very welcome for me.

  1. I’m really amazed by how Jordan Rudess manages to translate his ideas for new musical instruments into low cost, high feature products. It looks like he has teamed up with Dr. Julius Smith of CCRMA (at Stanford). Those of us in the audio industry, “for reals”, know that Dr. Smith has been the “guy” in audio DSP for the past 35 years. I see some some comments here that don’t really add value to my understanding of that user’s experience with the product. I bought it, and it looks like the stuff these guys are doing is the real dope. A Rock Star and a Professor creating cool stuff.

  2. Whether you like Jordan Rudess or not he is a very talented accredited musician and GeoShred is a MONSTER app that is extremely expressive. It has a very good UI codesigned by MoForte with many parameters controllable from the UI. So do yourselves a favour and pick up this app. I did and you won’t be Disappointed.

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