Sequencing ‘I Feel Love’ With A 5U Modular System

In latest SynthMania video, host Paolo Di Nicolantonioxwith assist from Grace at the mixer and some heavy-duty espresso – demonstrates recreating the classic sound of I Feel Love.

The original I Feel Love, by Giorgio Moroder, Pete Bellotte and Donna Summer, was released in 1977

The modular system used in the demo, by, is a modern analog to vintage R.A. Moog designs. The modules are not strict clones, but are new designs, based around an updated standard.

Here’s what Di Nicolantonio has to say about the video:

Sooo many people asked to post a video of Giorgio Moroder bass lines, so here are Grace and I in the studio doing a first, preliminary attempt to program the wonderful, mega-classic “I Feel Love”.

Unfortunately I don’t yet have 960 sequencers (I plan to add them to the modular early next year) so I’m using a 119 for now, but the “beef” of the matter is there – namely, dry synth bass on the left channel, and offset timed echo return on the right channel – to make it subliminally sound like it’s a 16-step sequence instead of the real 8th sequence that it is.

Technical Details:

The Space Echo settings used:

Mode Selector: #1
Repeat Rate: 11 o’ clock
Intensity: 7 o’ clock

22 thoughts on “Sequencing ‘I Feel Love’ With A 5U Modular System

  1. Well I think the modular is cool, and Grace is very cute, but I don’t understand why somebody would put a YouTube vid together with an apology at the end for all the stuff they forgot to do.

    If you mention it in the video, you didn’t forget it. The real problem is that you edited and uploaded a video before you were done shooting.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go watch it again for some reason.

  2. The really atrocious comments posted above are the reason why more women do not pursue careers in electronic music and audio production. Really fellas? You rip on a man who is sharing his passion and his vocation with his daughter, and then sexualize her? Such sexist immaturity here. And the YouTube was complete- there were a few techniques that the producer mentioned, but what he and his daughter posted was pretty useful and interesting. Plus it was *free* – and there was enough in there of interest to satisfy a beginner as well as advanced users.
    Seriously- men in this business need to grow the fuck up.

  3. I agree with most of the positive sentiment above, and the negative impact of sexism, as well as the immaturity of level of sexualising a junior, but I must admit – with the ammount of creeps on the web, I think a more protective approach should have been put in place regarding her attire. Social judgment is horrible at that age. I hope she keeps on path as a producer and gets some more insight into the blatant sexualism that women have to face, even at such a young age. It’s bananas.

    1. Women can’t be comfortable in their work environments? I doubt seriously that a different wardrobe would have stopped the immature and sexist comments. I have always been impressed with the creativity and intelligence of the community here at large, especially when commenting on posts about women- but I was really surprised at the brutality of the comments here. It shouldn’t be on the women to have to modify their clothing, or bodies, or art or workflow, to accommodate sexist, immature men.

  4. Love Paolo’s videos. He’s obviously done something right in his life. Beautiful studio, beautiful family. He’s been roping his kids into his synth nerd videos since they were tiny.

  5. Neo-puritans take note: Biological determinism is a bitch.

    By which I mean:

    1. The girl has dressed somewhat salaciously as the result of biological determinism which sees her (consciously and/or unconsciously) maximizing her newfound sexual attractiveness.


    2. Equally, some thirsty dudes on the internet were unable or unwilling to control their biologically predetermined instincts to the point that their fingers typed salacious comments in response to the visual stimuli.

    And then

    3. White knights (again largely at the hands of biological predeterminism and epigenetic selective pressures) found themselves compelled to defend a person that they perceived to be weak and/or under threat; whilst at the same time most likely repressing step 2.

    What a wonderful world!

    1. Yeah I’ve seen this before, an attempt at cleverly deconstructing the situation as a subtle expression of insecure male tears:

      4) Man feels the patriarchy threatened and sets himself up as the omnipotent intellectual, able to see the true intentions of everyone involved in the exchange.

      Such insecurity.

      1. Well I can’t say that my snarkasm didn’t warrant an equally snippy putdown—but with that said I’m not sure how you interpreted my jape as some kind of stern backhand in the face of the deeply oppressed subclass that is women.

        With certainty, it was never my intention to defend a construct that I don’t even believe in (patriarchy); it was more a sloppy allusion to the contrary – that most observable social phenomena are emergent properties of larger, complex, insensate and unplanned interactions.

        Admittedly I did so in a snide and oversimplified way that leaned way too heavily on a neo-darwinist perspective, but whatever. Never chalk up to malign conspiracy, that which can easily be explained as weak emergence from chaotic principles. I mean next you’ll be telling me that the trains are late on purpose or that the “gynocracy” maliciously rendered my head bald.

        Such paranoia.

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