ARKit Bringing Augmented Reality Audio To iOS

Artist and developer Zach Lieberman shared this quick demonstration of an augmented reality app that lets you record sound in space, and then play it back by moving through it. 

It’s leveraging ARKit, a new framework in iOS 11 that makes it easier for developers to create augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad. ARKit handles blending digital objects and information with video and data from your device’s sensors.

Because ARKit is part of iOS 11, there will very quickly be a platform of hundreds of millions of devices that are capable of being used for augmented reality audio apps.

While this video is capturing a quick test, it’s an example of how augmented reality and audio can work together. Augmented reality could be used for audio tours, placing audio ‘blobs’ spatially close to the objects they discuss. It could be used to create interactive audio works. And it could be used, as in the demo video, as a new type of interface for musique concrète audio manipulation.

Check it out and let us know what you think! And, if you know of other augmented reality audio apps, leave a link in teh comments!

via appleinsider

17 thoughts on “ARKit Bringing Augmented Reality Audio To iOS

      1. My thoughts exactly. I’d love to hear the groundbreaking music of someone who needs to put down “a quick technology demonstration” as inferior to their brilliance.

  1. Visuals like this would be so much more useful for live gig projection from a pc and or Mac. The visuals are really attractive and match the audio… but the AR element is not useful for a typical gig

  2. ***very*** cool. There are a huge number of ways this could be used: imagine taking a 3D audio/video ‘snapshot’ of an environment and pulling samples from it. Or several people interacting to make music together. Heck, just adding color to the sound blobs would be pretty amazing.

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